Strengthen career planning education and guide college students to establish the correct view of employment

Strengthen career planning education and guide college students to establish the correct view of employment

Xinhuanet, Xi’an, March 22. On the 21st, 2024 Higher Education and Employment Development Forum, with the theme of “Science and Education and Education and the Souls of the Country, Building a Powerful Country Dream”.The forum is directed by the Employment Association of college graduates. The New Oriental College Student Study Center and the School -Enterprise Cooperation Committee of the Employment Association of University Graduates are jointly sponsored to build a platform for deep exchanges and cooperation between schools and enterprises to jointly explore the new model of collaborative education to promote education to promote educationThe strong country, the strong country, and the strong country of talents contribute a new idea to the construction of a strong country, and bring together new kinetic energy.

In the afternoon activities, the theme of the parallel forum is based on the theme of “the construction of high -quality talent training and the construction of a departure system”. Among them, the first round table dialogue was chaired by Qiu Huimin, Director of the Studies and Industry Office of the Beijing Normal University Education Department.The hot topics such as challenges and career planning choices are invited to invite Yin Wu, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy Dean of the School of Ecology and Environment of Nanjing University of Forestry University, Cai Lu, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Computer Science and Technology of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, CDA China Chief Talent, GCDF GlobalHou Rong, a career planner, and Li Lin, director of the postgraduate entrance examination project department of the New Oriental University Student Students, shared their own thinking and exploration.

The development of economic and social development has brought about the growth of college students and the changes in the development environment of college students. Yin Wu has been working in the post of front -line counselors of Nanjing Forestry University for 15 years. He said that the admissions major of colleges and universities are set up around national development and social development.In terms of distinction and choice, teachers need to convey a reasonable planning idea to students, establish a rational career selection and development concept, and choose the direction that suits them.

Speaking of the challenges brought by environmental changes to students, Cai Lu said that the employment market put forward higher requirements for graduates in terms of professional skills, professional literacy, and comprehensive abilities, and competition for employment and postgraduate entrance examinations has intensified.He said that with the renewal iteration of new technologies, students need to maintain the motivation to continue learning. Not only should they pay attention to the learning of professional knowledge and the improvement of comprehensive quality. At the same time, Copy new changes and new challenges in modern occupations with continuous learning status.

Speaking of the importance of career, Hou Rong said that he hopes to make career planning to the freshman year, so that career planning and employment courses will become the direction of life of students, not the credits lessons that students think.She said that if you increase your career planning and employment courses in the freshman year, you can set a goal for everyone and continue to improve herself towards this goal. Even if this goal is not the real direction of employment in the end, it will not be deserted in the past four years.It is a state that has always learned skills in school.

From the perspective of the school, Li Lin shared the overall choice path of the current college graduates.She said that the New Oriental Postgraduate Business Line currently serves about 110,000 students each year, and some students who study the postgraduate course in New Oriental are not fresh graduates. When they may be confused, they choose to study.And thinking, further clarify the direction.She said that New Oriental also has some training of career planning in colleges and universities. She hopes to enter the campus through the combination of schools and enterprises to give students more opportunities for off -campus practice to help them further clarify the future direction.

Going ashore is the current frequency of network term. It is the ultimate pursuit of more and more young people to go ashore. So what is the shore?

Hou Rong said that the answer was diverse.She hopes that the current people and college students can establish a diversified standard, not a single standard.She thinks that the definition of good jobs is diverse, and the best job is that you are doing your favorite work, and that this job is what you are good at.If this job can bring more value to others, then you are quite happy.

Li Lin said that everyone has their own standards.Life or work, you may encounter all kinds of difficulties. Every stage will have difficulties or unsatisfactory things. We need to maintain a mentality and state of facing difficulties and solving difficulties.She said that New Oriental hopes to pass on a relatively rational orientation to each classmate, helping them reduce their confused feelings, or shorten the time of confusion.

Cai Lu said that there is no ashore in the long river of life, and he should look at the postgraduate entrance examination rationally and rationally treat the exam.Finding a profession that is satisfied with and suits you is the ultimate goal.He said that during the semester, the most important thing was to learn knowledge and employment. The concept of employment should be established from the beginning of the freshman.