2024 Wuhan Sports Consumption Week and Wuhan Sports Consumption Expo launched today

2024 Wuhan Sports Consumption Week and Wuhan Sports Consumption Expo launched today

  The Yangtze River Daily Big Wuhan Client March 21st on March 21, 2024 Wuhan Sports Consumption Week and Wuhan Sports Consumption Fair officially launched at Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center. There are 13 exhibition areas, covering sports equipment, sports technology, sports training, Sports equipment, stadiums and other fields, the total exhibition area is about 35,000 square meters, and more than 100 sports brands are exhibited and sold on the spot. The sports events and sports experiences are wonderful, which has attracted many citizens and Hanma contestants to check in.

  At the Wuhan Sports Consumption Expo, two marathon participants took a group photo at the beautiful exhibition site.Reporter Yu Zhiyong Photo

  The 2024 Wuhan Sports Consumption Expo closely follows the theme of “Sports Consumption”, focusing on the areas such as trendy shoe tide, emerging sports, and intelligent wearables, which are loved by young people.In the outdoor square area of the exhibition, sports retail operators Tao Jiao joins hands with the six major sports shoes and clothing brands -Nike (Nike), Adidas (Adidas), PUMA (Puma), Converse (Converse), ASICS(Ghosta Tiger), bringing multiple brands and various types of sports equipment options.

  At the Wuhan Sports Consumption Expo, two marathon participants were taking pictures.Reporter Yu Zhiyong Photo

  The trend sports exhibition and sales area also gathered in fashion trend brands that meet the aesthetics of young people. Co -branded T -shirts, sports peripherals, sports cultural and creative, personalized goods, etc. are very attractive.The women’s sports exhibition area also has a special yoga, aerobic dance, and Liu Genghong customized AI fitness exercises to meet the needs of female friends for body management and healthy life.

  From March 21st to 24th, in the main stage area and the “Sports Social Market” area, League of Legends stage performances, basketball games, flying games, baseball games, waist flag rugby games, sports dance performances, yoga and Pilate performances, etc.Turn in turn, and sports enthusiasts are welcome to visit and participate.

  At the Wuhan Sports Consumption Expo, two marathon contestants were playing endurance competitions.Reporter Yu Zhiyong Photo

  At the same time that the 2024 Wuhan Sports Consumption Expo was launched, 2024 Wuhan Sports Consumer Consumer Council was also issued.From March 21st to 28th, the organizing committee will issue a batch of sports consumer vouchers worth 10 million yuan.2024 Wuhan Sports Consumer Council is a category: on -site coupons, venue coupons and supplies vouchers. Live coupons and venue coupons are issued through the “Han Sports” WeChat Mini Program, and the product vouchers are issued through the “Cloud Flash Payment” APP.

  On -site coupons include exhibition coupons and Hanma coupons. Only at the scene of the 2024 Wuhan Sports Consumption Expo (Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center) and the 2024 Hanma Food Week (Households Lane, Jiqing Street), implement on -site scanning code, grabbing, on -site core corepin.On the 21st, at the Wuhan Sports Consumption Fair, Mr. Wang, a sports enthusiast, grabbed 300 yuan on the “Han Sports” applet and bought the long -lasting running shoes. He said happily: “Wuhan Sports Consumption Expo site sceneThere are many brands of running shoes, rich in styles, providing us with diversified choices. Use consumer coupons to buy running shoes, which is very affordable. “

  (Changjiang Daily reporter Zhang Lin correspondent Zhang Li Hu Jingjing)

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  The Yangtze River Daily Da Wuhan Client March 21st on March 21, Lu Xianguo, a well -known wetland expert in the country, exposed the authenticity of the two Wuhan wetland of Wuhan Wetland for the demonstration sites of Shenhu Wetland and Huangpi Qijiawan Qingshan.Highly praised.

  Lu Xianguo gave a keynote speech in the sub -forum.Reporter Li Ziyun Photo

  Lu Xianguo is a researcher at the Institute of Geography and Agricultural Ecology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a doctoral supervisor, and the director of the wetland ecology and environmental key laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.On March 20, at the sub -forum of the tenth anniversary of the signing of the Sino -French Ecological City and the 7th Sino -French City Sustainable Development Forum, he made entitled “Strengthening the Protection and Repair of Wetland’s Truth, Consolidating the High -quality Green Space in the City”The keynote speech.

  Lu Xianguo observed the green head duck through the telescope.Reporter Li Ziyun Photo

  On the 21st, Lu Xianguo went to the Qijiawan of Huangpi to inspect the demonstration site of Wuhan Qingtou Qian Duck’s habitat recovery.A few years ago, he came to Wuhan twice to inspect Shenhu Wetland.

  In an interview with a reporter from the Yangtze River Daily, Lu Xianguo said that the two wetlands of Wuhan used “near natural recovery”, which well reflected the authentic protection of wetlands.

  The authenticity is a natural attribute formed in the long -term evolution of the ecosystem.Biology and biology, biology and environment are coordinated with each other, and the food chain is complete.

  Lu Xianguo used his mobile phone to record the demonstration site of Wuhan Qingtou Qiu Duck Habita Habitat.Reporter Li Ziyun Photo

  Lu Xianguo believes that the authenticity of wetlands is to protect this natural attribute and allow wetland to give full play to the functions of “kidney kidney”, “species gene library” and “flood regulator”.To restore the degraded wetlands, we must have a full understanding of the inherent structure and evolution process of the wetland system.

  For example, the diversion creatures of wetlands are related to various animals and plants, forming a special habitat and stable food chain, so that water birds can survive and reproduce with wetland.If the invasion of foreign species destroys the bottom living creatures, the food chain is broken, and the water birds that eat the alchemy as the food will be difficult to survive.

  Wetland also has the “carbon exchange” and “carbon storage” function.The carbon of wetlands is mainly stored in the soil. If you do not understand this, the soil is replaced with a substrate that does not belong to the wetland when restoring the wetland, which is not conducive to the storage of carbon.Green plants absorb carbon but cannot store carbon in the soil.

  Lu Xianguo said that there are many authentic wetlands in my country, such as national wetland nature reserves and important international wetlands, all of which are authentic wetlands.These wetlands do not have human interference, or humans’ interference is mild. We can protect their authenticity by establishing a wetland nature reserve and repairing degenerate wetlands.

  Shenhu wetland foraged in the shallow water.Yan Jun Photo

  He believes that the Shenhu wetland of Wuhan is a Hongpan Plain Wetland that has evolved into history, and now it still maintains this natural state.Although there are some human activities, the protected area has coordinated human activities with nature protection.Through a variety of methods such as retirement and wetness and demolition, the impact of human activities on wetlands minimizes to the minimum, and uses a good way to restore the wetland.

  The white -headed crane flying over the wetland of Shenhu.Photo by Wei Bin

  Lu Xianguo recalled that when he went to Shenhu Wetland to inspect in 2019, he saw that the original terrain and landforms such as the ponds and land of the local fish ponds were used to create different types of bird habitats with the water surface, so that the water birds were both in the existing water birds inThere is room for eating in the water and space resting on the shore. The water level also has deep water areas, shallow water areas and beaches.These are exactly what a variety of water birds need to use wetlands. This approach is very good and impressive.

  Shenhu Wetland Fora on the shore red -footed chicken.Yan Jun Photo

  In 2014, Wuhan bird friends discovered evidence of the breeding of the global critical species of green -headed ducks in the Qijiawan of Huangpi.This discovery has made Wuhan being identified by international authoritative organizations as the breeding place in the southernmost tip of the world.At most, there are 306 green -headed ducks here.Later, large shallow water shrimp ponds were converted into deep -water fish ponds by the breeding households, and green -headed ducks that lost plant shelter flew away.

  Last year, under the guidance of the Municipal Garden and Forestry Bureau, the Municipal Wetland Protection Center joined hands with three units to rely on the early investigation and scientific research results to simulate the green head duck inhabiting the habitat, and established a 433 acres of Wuhan in this retired fish pond.Green -headed duck inhabiting the demonstration point.At present, 199 green -headed ducks have returned.At the same time, it also provided a good habitat for 31 and more than 7,000 other wild water birds.

  The reporter asked: “If the time is long enough, will this demonstration point become the authentic wetland?” Lu Xianguo replied, there is such a possibility.Wetland will evolve naturally and adapt to the surrounding environment.However, what direction it will evolve and what it looks like, it is not easy to predict.

  ”Now recovering the wetland and emphasizing the” near natural recovery “is not to completely restore the wetland to the past. This is unrealistic.” Lu Xianguo said that not only the wetland changed, but the external environment also changed.”Near -natural recovery” is to make wetland adapt to the environment and make it sustainable.To put it simply, after building it, it slowly becomes the authentic wetland.

  (Changjiang Daily reporter Minglian Health correspondent Sun Yan Xue Yi)