Help Health China Construction with high -level technology innovation

Original title: Help health in China with high -level technology innovation
People’s health is an important symbol of socialist modernization, and protecting people’s health is inseparable from scientific and technological support.Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has put the protection of people’s health in the strategic position of priority development, accelerate the construction of healthy China, and clearly requires “facing the health of the people” to accelerate technological innovation.General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the development of the biomedical industry, and pointed out that “the biomedical industry is a strategic emerging industry related to national economy and people’s livelihood and national security.””In our own hands”.China Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as “National Medicine Group”) as a central enterprise with life and health, in -depth implementation of the important instructions of the General Secretary’s important instructions for the general secretary’s important speeches and the development of the biomedical industry development, the development of the biomedical industry, and the development of the biomedical industryThe decision -making deployment, adhering to the corporate concept of “protecting life and caring for health”, vigorously implement the innovation -driven development strategy, and strive to help the construction of health in high levels of technological innovation and protect people’s health.
1. Strengthen the position of corporate scientific and technological innovation, and strive to build a good innovation ecology
The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China emphasized that it is necessary to “strengthen the status of corporate scientific and technological innovation.”At the National Two Conferences of the country this year, General Secretary Xi Jinping deeply explained the development of new quality and increased innovation, requiring “strengthening scientific and technological innovation and deep integration of industrial innovation.”During the inspection in Hunan in March, the General Secretary further pointed out that scientific and technological innovation is the core element of developing new productive forces. It is necessary to work harder with scientific and technological innovation.Enterprises are important forces for market subjects and economic and social development, and they are also important sources of scientific and technological innovation in my country.The Sinopharm Group gives full play to the initiative and enthusiasm of scientific and technological innovation, build an innovative system for deep integration of industry -university -research, and strives to build a good innovative ecology, and continuously consolidate the foundation of innovation.
Continue to increase investment in science and technology.Scientific and technological investment is an important guarantee for promoting scientific and technological innovation, and it is also an important indicator of measurement of scientific and technological innovation and capabilities.Since the “14th Five -Year Plan”, the average annual growth of R & D investment in my country’s pharmaceutical industry has increased by more than 20%. The leading role of science and technology innovation in the pharmaceutical industry has further demonstrated.The Sinopharm Group attaches great importance to the stable growth mechanism of R & D investment, and incorporates R & D investment intensity into the science and technology planning indicator system. From 2020-2023, the cumulative R & D investment is 26.5 billion yuan, with an average annual growth of more than 30%. The average intensity of industrial R & D investment is 7.9%.The intensity of investment hit a record high.The continuously growing science and technology investment has effectively guaranteed the smooth progress of the Group’s nearly 1,000 R & D projects. In particular, the scientific research investment of nearly 8 billion yuan in 2021 provided sufficient capital guarantee for the Group’s successful completion of the multi -technical path new crown vaccine research and development.
Cultivate and strengthen innovation platform.Scientific and technological innovation platform is an important carrier for gathering various innovative resources, which helps promote innovation to expand to deeper fields and move higher levels.The Sinopharm Group has focused on strengthening the construction of an innovation platform. Since 2020, it has established 2 national key laboratories. It has been reorganized and optimized. Two National Engineering Research Center with new sequence management, 5 new national enterprise technology centers, and 2 national technology innovation demonstration enterprises.At present, the Group has built 43 national strategic scientific and technological innovation platforms and more than 100 provincial and ministerial scientific and technological innovation platforms in the three major fields of chemical drugs, modern Chinese medicine and biopharmaceuticals.Relying on these innovative platforms, the Group undertakes more than 60 national scientific research projects (projects) in the fields of vaccine and innovative drugs and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and has given full play to the backbone leadership and radiation effects of national strategic technology forces.
Promote the reform of the scientific and technological system in an orderly manner.”If scientific and technological innovation is compared to the new engine of my country’s development, the reform is the essential ignition system that ignites this new engine.” General Secretary Xi Jinping used this metaphor to emphasize the importance of the reform of the technology system.Only by eliminating the obstacles of the system and mechanism can we maximize the liberation and stimulation of technology as the huge potential contained in the primary productivity.The Chinese Medicine Group adheres to the two -wheel drive of scientific and technological innovation and institutional mechanism innovation, promotes the reform of the scientific and technological system and mechanism in an orderly manner, establishes effective scientific and technological achievements transformation systems and incentive mechanisms, and stimulates innovation vitality.The group’s subordinates of the “Demonstration Enterprise” and “Double Enterprises” implement equity incentives; the biopharmaceutical sector implementation project income dividend incentives, job dividend incentives, project team corporate operation, project company hybrid ownership reform, and explore “unveiling list”, handsome list, handsome “, handsome list,Innovative scientific research project organization management models such as “horse racing” and “military order”; increased scientific research awards, and established a virtuous circle of “talent creation achievements, achievements inspire talents”.
Continuously improve the construction of science and technology talent teams.Talent is the first resource of innovation, and innovation -driven is essentially talent -driven.General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that in accordance with the requirements of new productive forces, it is necessary to unblock the virtuous circle of education, technology, and talents, and improve the working mechanism of talent training, introduction, use, and reasonable flow.The Sinopharm Group strives to consolidate the foundation of innovative development of talents, strives to lead enterprise innovation and development with high -quality scientific and technological talent teams, revised the work plan for the construction of scientific research talents, and adjusted the “scientific research talent team” to “science and technology talent team”., Turn into the scope of the group’s science and technology talent team; vigorously introduce high -end talents, and hire high -end talents at home and abroad through academician workstations, postdoctoral workstations, post -doctoral workstations, post -doctoral workstations, post -doctoral workstations, chief scientists, and project cooperation.In order to cope with global science and technology competition and the accumulation of high points in the industry’s high point; high -quality implementation of special talent training tasks, carry out joint training projects for engineering master doctoral and doctoral training in key areas of biomedicine and high -end medical equipment, and strive to build outstanding reserve talents.
Strengthen the deep integration of industry, university and research.Strengthening the deep integration of industry -university -research led by enterprises is an effective way to improve the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and industrialization, and lead industrial upgrading.The Sinopharm Group focuses on industrial needs, coordinates industry -university -research innovation resources, combined with universities and scientific research institutes carried out application basic research, coordinated with scientific and technological innovation enterprises to promote the development of new products, and achieved remarkable results in promoting the in -depth integration of the talent chain of the innovation chain industry chain.Since 2020, the Group has signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with more than 10 universities, and nearly 20 joint laboratories, joint R & D centers or innovation consortia have been established to jointly carry out nearly 100 new technologies for new products.Cooperate with relevant enterprises to conduct in -depth research in the fields of domestic alternatives, environmental protection technology, medical materials and other fields in key materials of vaccines, and deploy high -end manufacturing fields such as medical imaging, minimally invasive equipment, and in vitro diagnosis to improve the level of intelligent manufacturing.
2. Accelerate the upgrading of the industrial structure and improve the stability and competitiveness of the supply chain of the pharmaceutical industry chain
“产业链、供应链在关键时刻不能掉链子,这是大国经济必须具备的重要特征。”习近平总书记多次对我国产业链供应链安全稳定作出重要指示,强调“要着力打造自主可控、”Safe and reliable industrial chain and supply chain”, “should focus on the development of new productivity layout industrial chains, enhance the toughness and security level of the industrial chain supply chain, and ensure that the industrial system is controlled, controllable, safe and reliable.”In recent years, countries have paid more attention to the strategic position of the pharmaceutical industry, and the global industrial chain supply chain has accelerated to reshape. my country has also urgently needed to improve the stability and competitiveness of the supply chain of the pharmaceutical industry chain.The National Medicine Group focuses on key links and shortcomings, and strives to promote the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure, and strive to improve the toughness and modernization level of the industrial chain supply chain.
Promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure.In the biological product sector, six major areas such as vaccine, blood products, and medical beauty of people have created the world’s largest vaccine manufacturers and the country’s largest blood products enterprises.The national immunization planning vaccine has exceeded 2,000 tons per year, which has played an important role in the prevention and control of major national infectious diseases and epidemic diseases and major rescue disaster relief.In the chemical pharmaceutical sector, through the reorganization of internal assets, the development positioning of the sector is more clear and the variety combination is five major treatment areas. The integrated operation and the advantages of scale are further displayed.The cephalosporin biopathic synthesis key intermediate (7⁃ACA and 6⁃APA) production capacity is the top three global.In the modern Chinese medicine sector, the modernization and industrialization of traditional Chinese medicine have been accelerated, and a large -scale modern traditional Chinese medicine industry cluster has been formed.Multiple single -flavored Chinese medicine formula granules.In the large health sector, the people’s demand for health consumption upgrades to the people, and rapidly developing a large health industry in life. At present, there are more than 2,000 varieties and brands in nourishing health care, beauty care and other health consumer products.Large health product line.
Actively bear the responsibilities of the main enterprise of the pharmaceutical industry chain.In August 2023, my country issued the “High -quality Development Action Plan for the Medical Industry (2023-2025)” and “High -quality Development Action Plan for the Medical Equipment Industry (2023-2025)”. Industrial toughness and modernization, enhance the supply capacity of high -end drugs, key technologies and raw materials, and accelerate the shortcomings of high -end medical equipment in my country.The Sinopharm Group actively responded to national deployment, led the organization of the research and development and production of related industrial chains, and actively declared the chain main enterprise of 14 iconic products in the pharmaceutical industry and the medical equipment industry chain.The chain owner of the 6 iconic products is determined.We will further play the role of a leading pharmaceutical enterprise, actively assume the mission and responsibilities of the main enterprise of the chain, cooperate with the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industry chain, focus on the development goals of iconic products, organize the implementation of various tasks of high -quality development action plans, effectively ensure the key points of the pharmaceutical industryThe industrial chain is controlled and controllable.
Strengthen the construction of biological safety infrastructure.Biological safety risks are major risk challenges that are related to national security and development and the overall social stability.General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that “biological safety should be used as an important part of national overall safety”, and “the major scientific and technological achievements in life safety and the major scientific and technological achievements in biological safety are also the heavy weapon of the country.”Implementing the spirit of the important discussion of the General Secretary, the Sinopharm Group has invested 50 billion yuan to build 3 P3 high -level biological safety laboratories and 6 P3 high -level biological safety production facilities to strengthen biological safety prevention and control of key vaccine research and development and production.Capability construction, improve different levels of biological safety management systems, and become important strategic technological forces to ensure national biological safety.In addition, the Group actively fulfills its responsibilities and is gradually promoting the formulation of the biological safety industry standards, and strives to improve my country’s ability to respond to emergencies and major epidemic conditions.
Vigorously implement digital transformation and empowerment.The “Fourteenth Five -Year Pharmaceutical Industry Development Plan” proposes that it is necessary to promote the digital transformation of the industry, empower pharmaceutical research and development with the new generation of information technology, promote the deep integration of information technology and production and operation, and actively develop new models and new formats.Sinopharm Group vigorously promotes digital transformation, build supercomputing and data centers in the field of pharmaceutical research and development, explore the application of computing biology and big data in the field of new drug development, and improve the efficiency of new drug research and development through data mining analysis and simulation calculation;In the field, the first domestic vaccine production line to realize the quality and informationization of the entire production process is built; in the field of business circulation, it will be organically combined with the retrospective and supply chain logistics to build a digital vaccine with completely independent intellectual property rights traceability “full trace” platformDuring the anti -new crown epidemic in Shanghai, 30 million vaccine storage and distribution of “zero errors” were achieved.
3. Promote key core technologies and grasp the initiative of the future development of the pharmaceutical industry
The key core technologies are not coming, buying, or discussing.General Secretary Xi Jinping requires that the medical and health world must concentrate their efforts to carry out key core technologies, and accelerate the solution of “card necks” in the fields of drugs, medical devices, medical equipment, vaccines, and other fields.Only by achieving key core technologies and controlling can we firmly control innovation initiative and development initiative.Sinopharm Group’s gathering forces to carry out originality and leading technology research, resolutely win the key core technology tackling battle, focus on fostering strategic emerging industries and future industries, strive to grasp the future development of the pharmaceutical industry, and continuously meet the people’s demand for future health needsEssence
Accelerate the implementation of a number of major research projects.Focusing on “industrialization needs” and “bottleneck restriction technology”, continue to promote the development of innovative products with innovative technologies, carry out innovative drugs, new vaccines, new antibody drugs, cell therapy and gene therapy products.Research on the alternatives of equipment, and strive to solve the problem of key core technologies and raw materials “stuck neck”.Since 2020, a group of major innovative products in the group have been approved to be listed.One type of new medicine and new crown and new crown vaccine, oral three -valent reinstallation virus reducing virus reduction vaccine and major vaccine varieties of four -valent influenza vaccine, frozen -dried people with rabies vaccine have been approved to be listed one after another, providing new ones to resist major infectious diseasesPrevention means; the new crown and active vaccine has been approved in 119 countries, regions and international organizations, and gives full play to the role of the “epidemic” of scientific and technological warfare, which provides strong support for global anti -epidemic;The transformation of the achievement of the wet and wet poisoning particles has been transformed by the results of the group, and it is quickly approved to be listed, which further demonstrates the important role of Chinese medicine in resistance;Simple renal cysts intervene in the treatment of drugs for drugs.In addition, the research of the national standards of traditional Chinese medicine formulas continued to lead. At present, the National Pharmacopoeia Commission has released a total of 265 national standards of Chinese medicine formulas. The standards formulated by the Sinopharm Group are 138, accounting for 52.1%.
Actively build the source of original technology.The development of cutting -edge technology and the improvement of people’s health awareness have promoted the rapid development of the global pharmaceutical industry. It also provides a broad space for my country’s pharmaceutical industry to seize a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change opportunities.The Sinopharm Group has increased its layout around cutting -edge technologies such as innovative vaccines, innovative drugs, genes and cell therapy, and green pharmaceutical technology, enhanced independent innovation capabilities, and strives to become the needs of original innovation and core technologies.Market app.In 2022, the group team developed a candidate vaccine for monkey acne to achieve exciting originality.With the dismissal of ceiling viruses, monkey acne has become the most existing disease caused by acne virus.The candidate vaccine we developed can strongly induce anti -acne virus specific antibodies, which is safer than the existing toxic reduction vaccine. The original results fill the gap of the MRNA vaccine of the monkey acne in my country, showing that China in the MRNA vaccine R & D technology to catch up with international advanced levels.
Accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries and future industries.Strategic emerging industries are important forces to guide future economic and social development.Accelerating the development of strategic emerging industries and future industries is a major strategic deployment made by the party and the country.The National Medicine Group regards the inevitable requirements of accelerating the development of strategic emerging industries and future health industries as the “biotechnology industry” and one of the “one of the strategic emerging industries and one of the future industries and” one of the strategic emerging industries.In the future, the health industry “”, through industrial collaboration and joint research, promote a number of key projects to implement the implementation, and focus on improving the ability of new drug research and development and production technology, important biological strategic resource control and biological safety guarantee capabilities.
In the new era and new journey, the Sinopharm Group will unswervingly implement the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping’s important instructions and the deployment of the Party Central Committee’s decision -making deployment with important instructions and instructions on the development of important speeches of the construction of healthy Chinese construction, scientific and technological innovation, and the development of the biomedical industry.Pharmaceutical and medical equipment supply capabilities, better serve the construction of health in China, benefit all the people, and contribute to promoting the construction of a community of human health and health community.
(Author: Liu Jingzhen, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.)
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