Chasing Light | World Water Day · "Get a Mengzi" in the green mountains and green mountains

Chasing Light | World Water Day · "Get a Mengzi" in the green mountains and green mountains

Us on the land

Often dissatisfied with the level and stability brought by gravity

Occasionally flip in the water

It can always make dopamine secrete more points

So more and more water sports

Appears around us


This is the most common outdoor water movement

A safe and open -mindedOpen waters

Three or five friends

No need to care about swimming and equipment

You are

Even winter

Water at this time

It also become a good recipe for tempering will

Of course, if you want to make full use of this vast water

MotorboatIt’s a good choice

Speed 70 meters

Mood is free

Occasionally fall into the water

It also constitutes a happy time in memories


You want to experience higher, farther and wider

SeaTail wavehow

Use water like a fish

Let you get rid of the natural storm 自

Or use the wind

RideSailing windshield

Come to sail

Or cross -border

PlaySea umbrella

Directly empty on the Bibo Wannong

If this is not cool enough

That needs more skillfulFlying in the water

You can also try it

But these leisure outdoor sports

Sometimes the pleasure of competing with opponents

SoDragon Boat Race Kayakwait

It must be your best choice

Not only can you experience the tension and stimulation of the game

Also feel the power of unity in collaboration


There are many exercise provided by water to people

Whether it is in the valleydrifting

Still in the seadiving

Or winter

The frozen river surface has become a good place for people’s skating

Everyone is used to the usual taste of us who are accustomed to on land


All parts of my country are constantly organizing related events and activities

Promote the popularization of water sports

Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, known as the “Hundred Lakes City”

Hosted many international and domestic iron people three events

Many local outdoor sports clubs

Often organize swimming activities in the lake

The sea breeze brushes Bai Fan a little bit

Tianjin Dongjiang Bay Scenic Area on the Bohai Bay

Become a paradise for sailing lovers

Relevant agencies set up training bases in Tianjin

Carry out sailing training for teenagers and adults

Beijing Yanqi Lake sparkling

far awayPaddle boardCovering the tranquility of the lake

With the help of the local superior ecological environment

A series of water activities landed there

Over the past few years

RowingMasters and other competitions

Frequent landing in Harbin Songhua River Water

Players in different countries and regions

The development of local water sports

Provide good suggestions

Play a role

In Hainan and other places

Activities such as hydrophilic operation season to achieve global coverage

Dozens of water sports

Not only does it accelerate the integration of physical travel

It also meets the diverse fitness needs of the public

Relevant departments in my country are actively implementing

Related documents for the development of outdoor sports industry

A series of plans are accelerating implementation

Some natural protection areas have been adapted to rafting and other activities according to local conditions

The pictures of people and nature in harmony between man and nature are staged throughout the motherland

While fully enjoying water resources

We can’t forget to increase protection for it

March 22 is the 32nd “World Water Day”

From March 22 to 28 is the 37th “China Water Week”


Relevant activities will be carried out in various places

In order to improve the public’s awareness of protection of water resources

Only from you and me

Water care resources


Qingshan is often in green water

Reporter: Wang Junbao

Pictures: Wang Junbao, Sha Xiaofeng, Peng Zhang Qing, Shi Feng, Liu Mancang, Cao Yiming, Zhang Ailin, Tong Guoqiang, Yang Guanyu, Zhou Huimin, Zhou Huabin