New path of education reduction: Innovative education evaluation system innovation of intelligent technology

New path of education reduction: Innovative education evaluation system innovation of intelligent technology

  In recent years, with the continuous deepening of educational ecology, the state has introduced a series of policies aimed at reducing the education burden of primary and secondary school students. However, there are still some unscientific educational concepts and the acts that the acts that are promoted by Miao Miao are affecting the healthy growth of students.In this regard, the Ministry of Education clearly placed the “New Ecological Ecological Mission of the Fundamental Task of Lindu” in the seven major tasks of the seven key tasks of the Lindu Shishu’s fundamental task.

  The “General Plan for Deepening the Reform of the New Era Education Evaluation Evaluation Reform” issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council clearly stated that “adhere to science and effectiveness, improve results evaluation, strengthen process evaluation, explore value -added evaluation, and improve comprehensive evaluation.”In the era of digitalization, the deep integration of education and intelligent technology provides possibilities for the change of the education evaluation system, and it provides a help to create a relaxed and healthy growth environment.

New path of education reduction: Innovative education evaluation system innovation of intelligent technology

  As the first education venue of children’s life, the educational concepts that parents upholds have an important role in shaping a relaxed and healthy growth environment.Intelligent technology not only changed the traditional teaching concept, but also enabled parents to pay more attention to the children’s mental health and comprehensive development in the process of growth. It also provided parents with richer and more diverse educational tools, making family education more scientific and efficient.

  For example, imaths intelligent mathematics training system, different from other intelligent education products, adopts independent exploration learning methods, and is committed to cultivating children’s mathematical thinking during the exploration process.HKUST Xunfei Learning Machine, based on intelligent technology and big data analysis as technical support, planning a personalized learning path for learners … more and more intelligent learning tools, which provides children’s enlightenment education and learning processes more relaxedThe convenient environment makes learning more interesting and efficient.

  According to the sharing of imaths users He Ino’s mother, in the process of children’s growth, cheerful and positive psychological state is the basis for children’s healthy growth. Imaths allows children to find more fun in a relaxed and happy learning process, so as to thusFall in love with mathematics.

  Education evaluation reform is not a matter of overnight.Although more and more parents and teachers have begun to change education concepts and digital development makes the education process evaluation more realistic and feasible, they still need to face many challenges.Among them, the most prominent is how to overcome the lack of traditional evaluation methods, truly integrate digital means into the reform reform, and gradually establish a scientific, fair and comprehensive education evaluation system.

  ”In education evaluation, we need to apply digital methods more, make up for the lack of traditional evaluation methods, and better support the evaluation reform.” Xiong Xiangdong, director of the Education Bureau of Fengrun District, Tangshan City, said that digital and intelligent tools entered the campus and allowed the teaching process to make the teaching processIt can be tracked back and can be recorded by students’ learning process.With scientific, accurate, and real -time learning data, unscientific evaluation methods such as “Division theory” have been corrected to the greatest extent, and they also guide students to focus on their own growth, and in real progress and successRelieve the psychological burden brought by the pressure of further studies.In addition, intelligent education also tailored a personalized learning path for each student, making education more intelligent and more adaptable to the learning needs and level of different students.