Biyin Lefen’s strategic single product "Little Collar T" again swept the light luxury brand growth curve again

Biyin Lefen’s strategic single product "Little Collar T" again swept the light luxury brand growth curve again

In the business world, there is an interesting phenomenon: Behind each successful brand, there is a strong strategic item; big items are products that can support corporate revenue and establish brand influence. They are category leaders, Help enterprises build an absolute right to speak.As the representative of the brand image and consumption trend, strategic single products have become the only way for enterprise development.

Only a great strategic item can achieve great brands.In 2022, in the case of lawsuits, Chinese Red Bull still maintained its sales around 20 billion, and the strategic single -product golden pot Red Bulls contributed; Moutai’s large single -product Feitian revenue in Moutai remained at 70%.The left and right are the sales of Moutai Group.In the field of light luxury sports clothing, many brands also have best -selling items, such as Lululemon’s yoga pants, the assault clothes of the males, and the T -shirt of Biyin Lefen.

Create “Super Girl”Lululemon’s yoga pants “”

In 1998, Vancouver, Canada, Chip Wilson, who had just attended the yoga class for a month, witnessed the students in the class from 6 to more than 30 people within a month.And design tight pants.This item, which was later known as “little black pants”, made the niche brand “Lululemon”.Lululemon will wearing female consumers in yoga pants, called “Super Girl”.In the eyes of Lululemon, “Super Girl” is 24-40 years old, with high education level, high-income, high-income, sports, and unsightly prices.The provision of this user set up yoga pants with thousands of yuan has become the heart of many Lulu girls.The desire to become “Super Girl” also prompted Lululemon to make more “explosive articles” around yoga pants.

“Amazing Bird’s”Birdman“Charge” “

From climbing climbing to Citywalk, outdoor movements have gradually moved to daily life and nationalization.Consumers of outdoor sports related products are also popular from the public from niche professionals.The ancestral bird, known as the middle -class Sambo, has also become the hottest outdoor sports brand.It can be seen that the promotional style of the ancestor bird is all. In the cold outdoor environment such as snow mountains, rock cliffs, and jungle, it highlights the technology and high performance of the product.Top -level configuration.The males and birds insist on building the jacket as the brand’s explosive product, which originated from the assault jacket as a functional clothing to fight against fashion risks.The official bird official said: “We are cool, because we only use the best materials in the world. When we try to get cool one day, we will never be cool.””The concept is more popular.

“Biyin Lefen’s” Extremely Totten Abuse “Little Collar T”

Recently, Biyin Lefen T-shirt, which has obtained a “comprehensive share of similar products” for five consecutive years (2018-2022), has launched a strategic item again-small collar T3.0.This can be defined as the best -selling category of Biyin Lefen, and continues to roll up the “excellent” storm.

According to professional testing, the small collar T3.0 uses the BT_Gritty functional fabric developed by Biyin Lefen. The toughness of the fabric reaches three times that of ordinary fabrics.Even after 300 washing, it still does not deform and does not fade.”Extreme anti -abuse” perfectly meets the quality demand of a high -end brand “super single product”, and meets the needs of outdoor, commuting, social networking and other scenes. Therefore, the small collar T3.0 has the potential to become a big product of Biyin Lefen.

“Long -term value of explosive thinking”

For brands, explosive thinking should be based on a single product as the entry point, and then build it into the authority of the single category.When consumers mention this category, they can think of the specified brand, prove that this explosive product is close to success.As the elite people mentioned that yoga pants would think of Lululemon, when they mentioned the jacket, they would think of the athletic bird, and when I mentioned that the T -shirt would think of Biyin Lefen.Strategic single products can long for a long time to occupy the minds of consumers and achieve pre -sale of mental minds, thereby continuously empowering the sales growth of the enterprise.