Traditional+fashion achievements "national tide", scholars decodate the horse -noodle skirt, "out of the circle" and colorful

Traditional+fashion achievements "national tide", scholars decodate the horse -noodle skirt, "out of the circle" and colorful

Chinese traditional culture has a long history and is profound.Excellent traditional culture can inject new ideas and inspiration into the clothing fashion industry, and integrate more excellent traditional clothing culture into clothing design.This can not only enhance the cultural value of the product, but also meet consumers’ needs for uniqueness and differences.At present, the Caoxian horse -noodle skirt, which is popular on the entire network, is the best display of the designers that integrate Chinese traditional “Oriental Aesthetics” into modern elements and aesthetic needs, so that traditional Chinese costumes will be new to vitality.On March 19, a reporter from the Peony Evening News interviewed Hanfu’s enthusiasts and related scholars to listen to them about the fashionable charm of horse -faced skirts.

Behind the traditional clothing “fire”

It is national self -confidence and cultural self -confidence

The beauty of the East emphasizes harmony, balance and artistic conception, and focuses on the harmony and unity of clothing with nature and human body.The patterns, colors, lines and other elements in traditional clothing contain deep cultural connotation and artistic value.With the change of the times, traditional costumes gradually fade out of people’s daily life, and the high cabinet is decorated as a specific occasion.

Until November 22, 2003, a Hanfu enthusiast named Wang Lotian walked on the streets of Zhengzhou in Hanfu and was reported by the media.Hanfu has now appeared in the public’s vision for the first time in daily life.Subsequently, many Hanfu enthusiasts frequently entered the public’s vision wearing Hanfu, allowing more people to understand this traditional costume with deep cultural connotations.

On July 16, 2022, a medium -long half skirt of an internationally renowned luxury brand was suspected of plagiarizing the traditional Chinese costume “horse noodle skirt”, which has attracted widespread attention at home and abroad.”Noodle skirts entering the public view, causing the attention of Chinese people.

In order to allow the world to see and know Chinese traditional culture and traditional clothing, Chinese students spare no effort to promote in various countries. Some people wear Hanfu and hold national flags to participate in the university graduation ceremony.Those who wear babies, wearing horse -faced skirts, those who wear Hanfu on the streets, some who wearing Hanfu showing Chinese kung fu on the street … This is the recognition and longing of traditional culture in the younger generation of Chinese.The expression of self -confidence and cultural self -confidence is also an important force to promote the inheritance and innovation of traditional culture.

Hanfu enthusiasts travel to Peony Garden (expansion film)

Of course, modern communication methods also provide convenience for the promotion of traditional clothing.Through social media and e -commerce platforms, more people can understand and expose traditional clothing, and feel their unique charm.This cross -cultural communication and collision not only promotes the integration of the Eastern and Western cultures, but also provides a broad space for the international development of traditional clothing.

In Heze, more and more people

Like traditional clothing

After more than 10 years of development, Hanfu has gradually entered the public’s aesthetic vision from the cultural expression symbol of the niche youth group.Behind the aesthetic changes, what cannot be avoided is the traditional Chinese culture that has been stretched for thousands of years in Hanfu, and is promoting the youth group to the forefront of the trend.

“Hanfu is a very beautiful clothes. It is a traditional Chinese costume. The aesthetic of people has been the same since ancient times.” Said Wang Xianchong, a researcher at Hanfu culture.

Wang Xianchong is one of the convener of Heze Hanfu activities. He has in -depth research and practical experience in the areas of traditional etiquette, Hanfu culture, and classic Chinese learning.

“In 2012, I wore Hanfu on the street and was often misunderstood. Many people thought I was an actor and opera actor. At that time, Hanfu enthusiasts were more or less incomprehensible.More people know and understand Hanfu. “Wang Xianchong said.

At present, Wang Xianchong is actively preparing for the “Flower Festival” event of Hanfu enthusiasts, and intends to gather some Hanfu enthusiasts to wear Hanfu to the Peony Garden for spring tour and take pictures, and popularize the knowledge of traditional Chinese costumes to more people.”There are more than 300 Hanfu enthusiasts participating in the Hua Chao Festival activities last year. Now, there are more and more Hanfu enthusiasts in Heze.” He said happily.

With the development of society and the improvement of living standards, people’s spiritual needs and art pursuit are getting higher and higher, which is also an important factor in Hanfu Fire.

Wang Xianchong said that the horse -faced skirt is just one of the Hanfu. I hope everyone can pay attention to other styles of Hanfu.For example, there are many small folds in the Song Dynasty, which are particularly beautiful, and can even be matched with the current fashion; or the color skirt in the Tang Dynasty is also very beautiful. Like horse -noodle skirts, you can fully adapt to the present.Life.

Traditional+fashion achievement “national tide”

The charm of traditional clothing is first reflected in its rich cultural connotation. It carries the wisdom and emotions of the ancients. It shows the auspiciousness, beauty and harmony in traditional aesthetic concepts through patterns and colors.

Han Sujuan, deputy dean of the School of Fine Arts and Design of Heze College, graduated from Beijing Academy of Fashion and has been paying attention to the development of his alma mater.”There is a clothing designer in the design of the alma mater, which is also engaged in the design of horse -faced skirts. She calls the horse -noodle skirt as the” new Chinese fashion “. Now the horse -noodle skirt has both traditional Chinese elements and modern fashion elements.Combining is a kind of ‘national tide’. “Han Sujuan said.

Every April, in the major peony gardens in Heze, you can see people wearing traditional Chinese costumes. Whether it is cheongsam or Hanfu, they take pictures in front of the peony flower and punch card, which is full of confidence.The mental state they showed is natural, recognized from the bottom of the heart, not because it is fashionable or this is hot, but it is liked to wear it from the heart. This is a very big one.Variety.

Han Sujuan believes that the most fundamental reason for the “popularity” of horse -faced skirts is its shape itself and the excellent traditional cultural genes of China.Taste carefully and investigate its fundamental factors. In addition to freshness and popular factors, the main reason for the hot horse -faced skirt is that it looks good and easy to wear, cost -effective, fashionable and versatile.

“In daily life, whether it is cleaning sweater, white T -shirt, or V -collar shirt, Chinese -style buckle clothing, it can be paired with horse -top skirts, and it looks very fashionable.” Han Sujuan said.The launch of a lot of new ideas in matching is precisely this innovation and matching has improved its fashion.

The Chinese culture is profound and long.With the country’s attention and promotion of traditional culture, more and more young people have begun to understand and love traditional culture.As a carrier of traditional culture, traditional clothing carries rich cultural connotation and historical heritage. Young people can understand and experience the charm of traditional culture through clothing, thereby enhancing cultural self -confidence.