Iguodala’s retirement in doubt

Iguodala’s retirement in doubt

Iguodala recently said on a podcast that he could still make a comeback to play. When Iguodala signed with the Warriors before the start of last season, he said that this would be his last season.

Iguodala said on the show, “It’s on record about what I said, the decisions I made. But there’s still a possibility that I could come back and play, and there’s certainly a possibility that I could go home on this.”

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Iguodala, 39 years old, is a veteran with a lot of experience in winning championships. He was a decorated player for the Warriors, helping the team win four championships.

If Iguodala decides to make a comeback, he would be a huge help to any team. He is a great defensive player who can provide his team with consistent defense. He is also an experienced player who can help young players grow.

At the moment, Iguodala has not made any decision yet. He will consider his future in the coming weeks.

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