Take root, monitor the front line of Daxinganling (Guardian of Green Water and Green Mountain)

Take root, monitor the front line of Daxinganling (Guardian of Green Water and Green Mountain)

  ”Our work is equivalent to‘ medical examination ’, and we must be serious and meticulous.”


  In March, Ganhe, located in the Daxinganling area of Heilongjiang Province, still exceeded 1.5 meters thick.Standing on the ice, you can hear the sound of the river flowing under the ice.

  During the speaking, a group of white mist was exhaled. Chen Yanping, director of the monitoring room of the Ecological Environment Monitoring Center of the Daxinganling Ecological Environment (see the picture, was taken by Huang Wenpeng) carrying a dozen pounds of sampling equipment, and stepping out a string of deep and shallow footprints on the ice.”Today, the lowest temperature is minus 15 degrees Celsius, and the wind is not large. It is already very suitable for the weather.” Chen Yanping said that in the winter of Daxing’an Ridge, it is common for the severe cold samples of the severe cold field of minus thirty or forty degrees Celsius.

  The electric ice diamond quickly drilled into the ice layer, and the river water rushed out of the crushed ice. Chen Yanping dodge the pants.She stomped her feet, shaking her trousers, and didn’t care.

  The frozen period in the Daxinganling area is as long as 5 months.In this area of more than 80,000 square kilometers, Chen Yanping will be carried out 24 times in a frozen period.

  ”It takes an average of 50 minutes from the ice, and the monthly sampling itinerary is nearly 2,000 kilometers.” Chen Yanping said that the most difficult monitoring here is not surface water, but soil.”The soil in many places is as hard as ice all year round. Even in the summer samples, the turf will not be tapped. In remote places, no machinery can be used.Just like the ice layer, when you go down, there is often only one white dot. “

  In 2008, Chen Yanping graduated from the University of Northwest Agriculture and Forestry and came to the Daxinganling Ecological Environment Monitoring Center.At present, the Central Department of Ecological and Environment, which is directly under the center of the center, is responsible for the monitoring of the ecological environment of the Daxinganling area.In the front line, she was 16 years.

  Daxing Aneling Mountain is tight in Gaolin and the local area is sparse. In Chen Yanping’s daily work, extremely cold weather, tapeworm bites, caught in a swamp, and no signal are common.The nearest sampling location is 40 kilometers away from Songling District, and the farthest is Mohe City, which is more than 500 kilometers away.Over the years, she and her colleagues have spread throughout the mountains and rivers in the Daxinganling area, and monitored the 23 monitoring sections of 12 rivers such as Heilongjiang, Homa, Taga, and Ganhe.”Go to Mohe for five or six hours of car.” Chen Yanping said that this trip, she set foot on at least once a month.

  ”Our work is equivalent to” doing physical examination “, and we must be serious and meticulous.” Chen Yanping knows that his work responsibility is great. “In terms of water quality monitoring, we must monitor 25 items such as dissolving oxygen and chemical oxygen in the daily life.Index. Once you find that the index is abnormal, you must quickly report to the ecological environment department. After investigating and analyzing the cause of the relevant staff, you must take the corresponding action quickly. “

  Today, 40 -year -old Chen Yanping is already a senior employee in the central monitoring room.Under her leadership, the 5 -member monitoring team exercised more and more cooked in front -line work.Running around 24,000 kilometers each year, remembering 226 monitoring points in his heart. Chen Yanping and colleagues used more than 6,000 effective monitoring data per year to contribute to maintaining ecological security.