Chang Geng University Chang Gung Hospital and Kaist Health and Stem Cell therapy in South Korea

[The Epoch Times, March 26, 2024] (Reported by the Epoch Times reporter Chen Jianlin, Taiwan Taoyuan) Chang Geng University was signed by President Tang Mingzhe and President Li Guangjiong of the Korean Institute of Science and Technology (Kaist).And stem cell therapy’s mutual benefit team, with abundant research and development energy, jointly break through the existing technology, hoping to accelerate the health and well -being of the whole age, bilateral talents will be more intensive in the future to promote the links and cycles of high -level professional talents in biomedical medical.

South Korea Kaist is a national research university, which is affiliated to the Ministry of Science and Technology of Korea. It is said to be “South Korea MIT” (MIT “(Massachusetts Institute of Technology).Wisdom (AI), scientists who solve medical problems based on engineering knowledge.Chang Geng University is the first time in South Korea’s KAIST concluded in Asia with the theme of sisters in the field of biomedical.

Li Guangjiong personally led Professor Kim Jing -hyun, the deputy principal of the school, and teams such as Dean Jin Dazhen and other professors such as the School of Life Sciences and Biological Engineering, visiting Chang Geng University and Chang Geng Hospital Cell Therapy Center, Tang Mingzhe, Medical College and International Division.There is a high consensus on Yucai and research, which has promoted the signing cooperation with Chang Geng University and Chang Geng Hospital. It will combine innovative industry companies such as Formosa Plastics Biomedical and Changchun Teng to invest in core technologies such as stem cell therapytherapy.

Through the core technical proposal of KAIST in Korea, Chang Gung University and Chang Geng Hospital will select teachers and students in the field of precise health and stem cell therapy research, including the Chang Geng University Institute of Biomedicine and Molecular Medical Research Center, which have participated in the U.S. Cancer Lunar Lunar Program, and join hands with Linkou Chang Geng Hospital.Stem cells and translation of cancer research institute teams, the top three teams, amplifying Taiwan ’s biomedical cross -domain collaboration capacity.

Li Guangjiong said that he hopes to actively promote Taiwan and South Korea in stem cell treatment plan and research cooperation.Both Chang Geng Hospital and Chang Geng University stated that KAIST teaching and research staff can come to Taiwan to use hospitals and school -related facilities to actively cooperate with the Chang Geng Research Team to shorten core technology development.EssenceIn this regard, Dean Jin Dazhen has repeatedly expressed his willingness to hire teachers of Chang Geng University School of Medicine. Chang Geng University also hopes to hire KAIST to study outstanding teachers to Taiwan.High -level professional talents in the medical field establish long -term teaching and research cooperation relationships.

Chang Geng University is a student -centered research university. It is committed to cultivating students to obtain the essential strength of the 22nd century: digital force, cross -domain learning ability, and international movement.There are four colleges from Chang Geng University: Medicine, Industry, Management, and Smart Complex (AI). It has an excellent teacher -student ratio. It has cooperated with 100 well -known universities in the world to invest in top teachers to extend cooperation, dual -joint degree, forward -looking cross -domain research, soup soup, soup soup, soup soupPresident Mingzhe said that the cultivation of the talents required by the industry is an urgent work of university.◇