Paul’s protege ascends to superstardom, new NBA sensation emerges

Paul’s protege ascends to superstardom, new NBA sensation emerges

Alexander, the No. 11 overall pick in 2018, has quickly grown into one of the league’s top guards under Paul’s tutelage since joining the Thunder. Last season, Alexander averaged 31.4 points + 4.8 rebounds + 5.5 assists + 1.6 steals + 1.0 caps, shooting 51% from the field, 35% from three, and 91% from the free throw line.

Alexander has excellent scoring ability, he can hold the ball breakthrough, shooting, passing, very comprehensive in the offensive end. In addition, Alexander also has good defensive ability, he is the league guard cap king.aimé leon dore new balance 991

Alexander’s rise has given the Thunder a glimpse of the future, and he is expected to be the team’s building block. In addition, Alexander is one of the NBA’s new generation leaders, and he, along with Doncic, Tatum, and Edwards, will lead the NBA league for years to come.

Key factors that make Alexander a superstar

There are several key factors that make Alexander a superstar:

Talented: Alexander has excellent physicality and athleticism, and he is able to play a variety of exciting offenses on the offensive end of the floor.
Hard training: Alexander trains very hard and he constantly improves his skills and abilities.
Paul’s guidance: Paul is the top point guard in the league, and he has played a very important role in Alexander’s growth.

Paul’s protege ascends to superstardom, new NBA sensation emerges

Can Alexander become a superstar?

Alexander is only 24 years old now, and he still has a lot of room to rise. If he can continue to keep training hard and play consistently in games, then he is expected to become a superstar.

Of course, becoming a superstar requires a lot of factors, such as the team’s record and the cooperation of teammates. However, Alexander has the potential to become a superstar and he is expected to be the future leader of the NBA.

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