After Theis Incident: NBA Penalizes Brooks

After Theis Incident: NBA Penalizes Brooks

The “Bad Boy” Dillon Brooks of the Houston Rockets is facing a financial penalty for delivering a low blow to the world basketball champion, Daniel Theis. The NBA, the professional league, has imposed a $25,000 (approximately 23,700 euros) fine on the 27-year-old after he struck Theis in the groin during a preseason match against the Indiana Pacers. The NBA categorized the contact as “reckless”…

The NBA professional league fined the 27-year-old $25,000 (about 23,700 euros) after he punched Theis in the groin in a preseason game against the Indiana Pacers.

After Theis Incident: NBA Penalizes Brooks

The NBA labeled the interaction as “reckless,” leading to Brooks’ ejection due to the foul. The Canadian player often garners notice for his provocations, lack of discipline, and aggressive fouls. A comparable incident, like the one involving Theis, previously led Brooks to make negative headlines with respect to superstar LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers) during the previous season.

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