Write a new answer sheet!Hangzhou Community Education: The foundation of the people’s happiness with the power of education

Write a new answer sheet!Hangzhou Community Education: The foundation of the people’s happiness with the power of education
The Supreme Leadership General Secretary emphasized in the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China that it is necessary to “build a learning society and a big country for lifelong learning for life.”
Learning the word is an important channel for the Hengyuan proposition that runs through the life cycle, and it is also an important channel for urban and rural residents to enrich the life -like situation, improve the quality of life, and pursue the value of life.As an important part of the lifelong education system, the community education in Hangzhou always uses the blueprint of the city’s development as the bond, driven by the learning needs of citizens and people, and takes a comprehensive construction of spiritual prosperity.The road to Hangzhou contributes to the urban example of the high -quality development and construction of Zhejiang in Hangzhou.
Gongfu: empower the technology of building business communities
In traditional concepts, the typical scene of community education always leaves such an impression: the uncle and the aunts of the neighborhood and the street community dance, play Tai Chi, and sing the opera; howeverUrban centers and financial business districts are gathered a large number of “new communities” with dense crowds and fast -paced formats.In recent years, taking the major business districts of the martial arts gate of Hangzhou’s traditional city center as an example, the “business communities” have sprung up like rain. Their birth has put forward new requirements for the expansion of community education and innovation in concept.
Building business community, a fresh term.The word “business” indicates that the service target is the enterprise; the word “community”, which vividly summarizes the characteristics of the integrated service of the district.
In 2009, Tianshui Street in Gongshu District took the lead in proposing the concept of the “building community” and established the first building comprehensive service center of the province to actively explore the refined management of the building and try the community management services of the building.Subsequently, the “model effect” continued to amplify. The major business districts in the same city set up their own business building communities, which not only drove the development of the business district, but also grew the basic units to strengthen the building.
With the continuous establishment of the business building community, the energy of community education has gradually extended here. As a “new education” sprouting from the new format and the new space, it also naturally has “new settings” adapted to local conditions.
“One, two, and three, on the link!” Today, in the Xintiandi Business Community of Dongxin Street in Gongshu District, sharing the live broadcast room is very sought after.The perfect hardware facilities provided by the building community, as well as live -broadcast practical training in the demand for the industry, have given the development for the development of some small shops and small enterprises.
Miss Zhao, the principal of a coffee shop in Xintiandi Business Community, told reporters, “Our community education understands our needs very well. Now the live broadcast industry is hot, but there are still some professional thresholds in the industry.The business of the shop has been significantly improved. It is the precise help and professional training of the community that allows us to catch up with the live broadcast. “
In addition to the teaching of industry knowledge and the creation of learning space, community education has also given “empowerment” in terms of entrepreneurship.
Ms. Zhao said that live broadcasts are a new choice for stores to increase sales and start awareness. However, setting up a live broadcast room is a lot of expenses. I did not expect that Xintiandi Business Community responded rapidly, which solved its own urgent urgency.
In addition, in order to better consolidate the power of youth, Xintiandi Business Community also provides co -creation services for young entrepreneurs and startups, covering office, financing, social, training, marketing, technical research and development, strategic counseling and other linksOne -stop incubation and cultivation service.
These services have very lively knowledge, the application of actual combat, and the easy -to -learn easily, so that there are many young people who have already worked, or look forward to successful young people, and set up the “rich” fast track.
“The services provided by the community can allow me to understand the latest entrepreneurial policies and employment and entrepreneurial trends in a timely manner. I have mastered the specific practical methods of applying for a entrepreneurial policy.” Xiao Wei, from Haichuang Human Company.
Common Fu: Leading for the spirit of the youth entrepreneurial group
If the Xintiandi Business Community has given a solid backing to employees in the jurisdiction in terms of work, then Qingchun Business Community, who is also in Gongshu District, provides employees with meticulous care for employees in life, and adds bricks to their “spiritual prosperity” bricks and tiles.Essence
It is reported that in the Qingchun business community, what is interested in building enterprises in the business community, where the business district activities are opened; what kind of difficulties in building white -collar workers are covered, and the building service is covered.
The person in charge of the community told reporters, “There are enthusiasts who are good at Go in the business community. The community invited Professor Zhou Dekang, Dean of Zhejiang Province, to offer the Asian Games Go experience class.DIY painting ‘brave tide head, ink and ink lotus’ silk scarf, experience traditional non -legacy silk charm.
At the same time, in order to greate out the needs of building employees to the greatest extent, Qingchun Business Community has also formed the “Building Enterprise Young Youth Association Alliance” to gather hundreds of members of more than a dozen communities together to achieve the coordinated sharing of activity and creativity.
The community education system rooted in the building community, with the concept of community education as the underlying logic, gives them vivid and diverse different forms, so that enterprises can enjoy “sending the policy” to achieve the rapid growth of the enterprise; so that employees can not only realize their personal capabilities that can achieve personal ability”Improve”, you can also enjoy the warmth like home.
Common Fu: Let the community education and vocational education system integrate
The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China emphasizes that everyone must have a fair learning opportunity, make high -quality educational resources and lifelong supporting services into reality, so that everyone can get the opportunity to develop self and contribute to the society, and better promote the party and the people’s cause.Pre -development.
The Hangzhou Community University, which is a first -level school -run network running network in Hangzhou, is established to rely on the resource advantages and organizational structure of Hangzhou Science and Technology Vocational and Technical College, and conduct daily operation management.At the first level of the district, there are many such system integration, such as Linping and Fuyang.
On March 13, 2023, the Yuhang College (Yuhang District Community College) of Zhejiang Open University was officially unveiled, and in the fall of 2023, it successfully launched the first batch of higher education enrollment enrollment.
Unlike other community colleges, the Yuhang District Community College is temporarily listed by Xianlin Vocational Senior High School and is responsible for the operation of related work.Vocational education and community education are integrated and developed here, and a new style of community education has gradually developed in community education.
Zhejiang Open University Yuhang College (Yuhang District Community College) President Bao Hu Lingtai, also the party branch secretary and principal of Hangzhou Xianlin Vocational Senior High School.Regarding the community education model with integrated development of vocational education, she said, “Originally, vocational education and community education were independent, and now it has become integrated development. The original school education resources of vocational schools can be shared.Education teachers and teams have also participated in community education. “
For example, she was a professional teacher in children with high forests, and assumed the cultivation and research of young children’s childcareists in the Hangzhou District.The reporter learned that the specific model of the integration and development of vocational education and community education has three main categories:
First, Yuhang Community College has two classes in the Xianlin Vocational High School, which is unified in the name of the college;
Second, teachers with high forests will sink to 12 town street education guidance and community education center schools in the district;
The third is to carry out project cooperation with the community, and arrange teachers to teach according to the needs of community activities.
It is reported that after the establishment of Zhejiang Open University Yuhang College (Yuhang District Community College), it is of great significance to further integrate regional social education resources and promote the high -quality development of local community education.Bao Hu Lingtai said, “Education education is equal to non -academic education, academic education and skills have been paid to improve. Yuhang Community Education has formed a multi -level school running pattern.”
Common rich: “Double improvement” of academic qualifications and skills
General Secretary of the Supreme Leadership pointed out that learning is the journey of civilization inheritance, ladder of life growth, the foundation of the consolidation of political parties, and the essence of the country.
In 2023, the academic education was incorporated into the practical project of the people’s livelihood in Zhejiang Province, becoming an important carrier to promote the “academic qualifications+skills” dual promotion, create a common prosperity demonstration zone, and provide inclusive manpower capital.
The improvement of academic qualifications is also one of the important functions of Hangzhou community education.
As early as 2009, the training of “academic education in social personnel” became the Huimin project of Shangcheng District.There are more than a thousand new Hangzhou people in Shangcheng District every year, and they have further improved their academic qualifications and skills.In 2023, 1,393 students throughout the district passed the “social personnel academic education improvement” cultural examination, obtained a high school education certificate, and exceeded the province’s mission of people’s livelihood.
The reporter learned that the construction of the Teacher Teacher Teachers’ Teachers’ Teachers’ Teachers’ Teachers’ Teachers in Shangcheng District not only has teachers from community colleges, but also invited teachers from vocational colleges and primary and secondary schools to participate in the needs of the teaching objects. At present, Part -time Teacher Team.Teaching has also been optimized according to the needs of students, and recording online classes with different lengths allow students to use free time to learn.
In Yuhang District, the community education integration vocational education system has formed a multi -level school running pattern of open education, adult education, ordinary college online education, community education, and elderly education, creating a new style of community education with regional characteristics.
According to the relevant person in charge, at the district -level level, Yuhang organized the special training of the level of “career integration” in the district, and carried out the training of all elderly schools and school ambulance courses.Auditorium) Positions, actively promote community education into the cultural auditorium activities, and at the same time promote the quality training, vocational skills training, housekeeping service training, and special group training for farmers’ quality training.
For example, the “Happy University Hall” built by the Xixi style community in Wuchang Street in Yuhang District, based on “humanities Xixi quality style” as a positioning, aims to create a modern community happiness with “learning, learning, learning, and learning”.community.This is the most favorite place for community residents. The courses such as soft pen calligraphy, tea art, yoga, mobile phone photography and other courses have all become “fragrant”.
The community secretary Du Junwei introduced, “As of now, the community has opened three -phase courses. From the initial 6 classes to the 14th class, there are now 676 students.” Under his leadership, the community is still combined with the combination of his community.In fact, 18 communities, including cheongsam fashion team, chorus, gardening, and kayak teams, respectively.
At the same time, Yuhang District also opened a characteristic “factory class”, adopting the “online+offline” teaching mode, etc., to meet the students’ learning needs from both cultural and technical classes.It is worth mentioning that cultural lectures and skills improvement are fully free, so that inclusive community education will be implemented.
The relevant person in charge of the Education Bureau of Hangzhou Education Bureau said: “At the city level, we rely on the strength of the business department to spare no effort to promote the wealth of education.Go to the countryside; digital empowerment of the Hangzhou Community University, using the “Hangxue Tong” platform to build and share high -quality teaching resources … “In helping the practice of common prosperity, Hangzhou has always adhered to the advantages of resources, continuously promoted the high -quality development of community education, and allowed the people to the massesEnjoy a good community education, provide a strong foundation for the people’s happiness with the power of education, and provide strong support for promoting common prosperity.