Two -entrust the school’s ideological and political theory courses

  ”It is one thing I care about when I take a good ideological and political lesson.”

  On March 18, 2019, the Great Hall of the People in Beijing witnessed a special and unforgettable ideological and political lesson -General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over the school’s ideological and political theoretical teacher forum and delivered important speeches.The international perspective and profound strategic vision profoundly answered the fundamental question of who trained, how to cultivate people, and to cultivate people, and pointed out the direction and provided an obedience for promoting the development of ideological and political education in the new era.

  In the past five years, the education departments and schools of various places have conscientiously implemented the spirit of General Secretary Jinping’s important speech, focusing on the role of key courses in ideological and political courses, deepening reform and innovation in mechanism construction, faculty allocation, curriculum design, resource integration, etc., explore and improve ideological and political lessons lessonsThe fundamental path of attractiveness, the torch of the faith, and the newcomer of the era.

  “It is just to open up the thoughts and politics lessons.”

  From January 20th to 21st this year, the teaching and exhibition activities of the ideological and political courses of colleges and universities across the country were held in Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, and Gansu.Hundreds of ideological and political teachers from colleges and universities from all over the country, after the early stage of “Big Training on the Clouds” preparing for grinding and screening, finally showed 12 lean teaching display activities, more than 100,000 ideological and political courses onlineObserving the cheerfulness, the live broadcast volume exceeded 760,000 times, which concentratedly reflects the good spiritual style and the results of teaching construction of the teacher front of the ideological and political courses of colleges and universities in the country.

  ”We do socialist education with Chinese characteristics.

  ”Under the current situation, running ideological and political lessons should be taken to look at the overall situation of the world’s 100 years, the development of the party and the country’s undertakings. We must adhere to and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics, build a socialist modernization of socialism, realize China to achieve ChinaTreat the height of the great rejuvenation of the nation. “


  From hosting the school’s ideological and political theoretical lectures, to the letter to the young pioneers of Xin’an Primary School in Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province, and to observe the on -site teaching of the Smart Classroom of the People’s University of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping focuses on building a strong education country and a good people to be satisfied with the people.The profound thinking of education, standing at the time of cultivating the strategic height of newcomers in the era of rejuvenation of the nation, clearly pointed out the significance of running a good ideological and political lessons.

  Strengthen the improvement, improve in innovation, and the construction of ideological and political courses is steady.

  The most important thing is to solve the problem of confidence.For a long time, the construction of ideological and political courses has formed a series of regular understanding and successful experience, and cultivated a team of teachers of ideological and political courses for ideological and political courses for ideological and political courses.It is better and better to provide solid guarantees.

  The most fundamental thing is to fully implement the party’s education policy.In the past five years, the construction of ideological and political courses has become an important evaluation criteria for the assessment of party building work, school -run quality and discipline construction.The school’s party committee secretary and principal participated in the guidance of the “Introduction to the Introduction to the Introduction to Socialist Thought with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era”, took the lead in entering the classroom to listen to lectures, and promoted the connotative development of ideological and political courses.

  “The key to running a good ideological and political theory lies in teachers”

  ”May I ask the teacher, how can I find the direction of development that suits you?” More than 30 years ago, Lu Binghui, a teacher of Anhui Normal University, founded the “Binghui Talk”. The students said confusion and the teacher answered counseling.In Lu Binghui’s drawer, the bookbook accumulated from the small note asked by the student.

  A teacher, a group of students, answered one question and one answer, each expressed his opinions.For more than 30 years, hundreds of online and offline activities were held, and “Binghui Talk” infiltrated many students’ hearts.Taking the truth, innovation, and innovation, the truth was described as the students’ hearts, and Lu Binghui set an example for young teachers.Under his influence, student Cao Keliang joined the Teacher Teachers of Politics and Politics to carry out “Keliang Talks” and other activities in China Merit University’s Politics and Politics Class to educate people with emotionalization and heart.

  Strengthen the introduction of citations and consolidate the “main force” of the teacher team.

  Jilin to improve a part -time teacher system, select and hire outstanding local party and government leaders, management experts in enterprise institutions, social science theoretical experts, advanced models of various industries to join the team of teachers in ideology and politics; Ningxia actively promotes the constructionGuide various schools to adopt methods such as introduction, transfer, and training to ensure that all teachers in ideological and political lessons are in place as required.With the Teacher Teacher Teachers of Politics and Politics … All departments and departments and schools work hard to match the full -time teacher team of ideological and political courses.Gongguki.

  For five years in the seminar of the teacher’s ideological and political theory class, the number of teachers in ideological and political courses in colleges and universities in the country has increased to 145,000, and more than 110,000 full -time teachers.The high -quality development of the lesson provides more solid talent support.

  Improve professional literacy and make good use of the “big classroom” of Lideshu people.

  ”The old and old railways are a happy way to win -win cooperation and show the friendship between the two countries.” Liu Qian, a teacher of ideological and political courses in the Marxist College of Chongqing University, converted what he saw and heard, and turned into a vivid ideological politics.Class materials, in -depth discussions with students to discuss the responsibility of the big country and the responsibility of the great country.

  Watching movie with virtual reality, interacting with barrage, brushing Weibo and video logs with students, more and more ideological and political teachers to enrich classroom content, close to students’ preferences, and strive to create more students to listen, understand, understand, and understandTrue believers and high -quality ideological and political courses in the new era.

  In the past five years, activities such as collective class preparation meetings, backbone teachers’ training classes, and national colleges and universities’ ideological and political teaching exhibitions have continued to be held. Teachers’ training of ideological and political courses has achieved normalization, full coverage, and focus; Henan, Sichuan, Shaanxi and other places havePromote teaching, promote reform with the competition, and promote the construction of the competition, and focus on improving the business ability and level of education of teachers in ideological and political lessons.

  ”The key to running ideological and political theory is teachers. The key is to give full play to the enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity of teachers.” “Teachers in ideological and political courses must laid the seeds of truth, kindness and beauty, and guide students to buckle their first buckle in life.”Teachers in ideological and political courses must have family feelings, and their hearts are contained in the country and nations. They pay attention to the times, focus on the society, and learn about nutrition and rich thoughts in the great practice of the party and the people. “The teacher’s heart settled.

  Today, this full -time -based, unified, sufficient number, and excellent quality of ideological and political courses has gradually matched together to build Qiangqiang. A group of outstanding talents joined the team of ideological and political courses.Casting soul.

  ”‘ Dasian Political Class ’We need to make good use of it”

  In recent years, each fall semester starts in the fall semester. The special programs of the “First Class” jointly sponsored by the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Education, and the Central Radio and Television Station will always arrive.Hundreds of millions of primary and secondary school students across the country were waiting in front of the screen, and they took a “big thought class”.

  Before the digital version of “The Qingming River Map”, Jin Xiaoming, a researcher at Zhejiang University, led the students to enter the world of light and shadow, tasting anecdotes such as “takeaway brothers” and “Song Dynasty car rental”, and opened a “Millennium Painting Midsday”;In the space, the Shenzhou 16th multiplication group encourages students to maintain curiosity, work hard to explore, and move forward …

  From the source of traditional culture, the source of civilization to the ecological civilization, the revitalization of the countryside, to the national defense education and scientific and technological innovation, in the “Lesson First Class” program in 2023, the guests used their own life experience and struggle to spread their knowledge and teach virtue.Encouraging the majority of young people to fight for the track of realizing national rejuvenation.

  ”‘Da Si Political Course” We must make good use of it, we must combine with reality. I can’t read the documents with documents, and there is no life or dry. “General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions, for the construction of ideological and political lessons,The development of connotation pointed out the direction.

  Make good use of the “big resources” to realize the wisdom.

  Some time ago, students from Tianlin Third Primary School in Xuhui District, Shanghai ushered in an impressive ideological and political lesson.The staff of the CCP Memorial Hall brought a precious cultural relic of the museum- “New Youth”.Through explanations, students feel the powerful spiritual power contained in revolutionary cultural relics.

  Tell history, perceive the light of thought from the history of the party history, the history of the New China, the history of reform and opening up, the history of socialist development, and the history of the development of the Chinese nation; tell stories, make up from the story of the Chinese nation, the story of the new era, and the advanced typical storyCalcium of spirit; talk about practice, draw on the power of fighting for poverty alleviation and organizing the power of the Beijing Winter Olympics.The party and the people have been struggling for a century, and have written the most magnificent epic in the history of the Chinese nation for thousands of years.

  Establish a “big platform” to gather the joint effort.

  The Marxist College of Shanghai Jiaotong University signed a co -construction agreement with the Civilian Aircraft Test flight center of COMAC to set up a “Da Si Political Class” practical teaching base to open the “Dasi Political Class” to the “big aircraft”;Weizhou School in Longxi County cooperates with more than 20 off -campus social practice bases to lead students to experience non -relics and dyes, visit Chinese herbal medicine “Baicao Garden” … The ideological and political classroom is beneficial to combine with social classrooms, and the main body and channels are continuously enrichedEssence

  The Central Propaganda Department and the Ministry of Education focus on the public account of 200 colleges and universities. In 2023, nearly 1,100 articles were published in “100,000+” articles, with a reading of 660 million times;Society and others have held the “Daisi Political Course” for three consecutive years, and the traffic on the entire network has accumulated more than 10 billion times … Online and offline painting “concentric circles”, effectively enhancing the sense of era and attractiveness of ideological and political education.