[The whole environment stands in the tree] Laoshan District launches the "unlock emotional password, be a knowledge teacher" parent -child salon event activity

  Luwang March 25th News In order to improve the ability of parent -child communication, effectively resolve parent -child conflicts, and master the communication password of a happy family. On the morning of March 16, the “unlock emotional password to unlock emotional passwords, be a knowledgeable teacher” parent -child salon organized by the Civilization Office of the Laoshan District and hosted by the Vancouver community passed through the Vancouver community.The community invited senior family education instructor Li Kewei to participate in the event to empower the parent -child family in the jurisdiction.

Teacher Li explained and interacted from the aspects of parent -child interactive games, OH cards created stories and emotional management methods, and guided parents to perceive their experience in dealing with emotions in parent -child getting along, so as to discover the shortcomings and confusion of existence, and from a professional professional on the professional.The angle shared the source of emotions, and then led everyone to learn the specific method of guiding emotions; through the way of game interaction, help parents learn to see their children’s emotions, effectively communicate with children, thereby establishing a better parent -child relationship.