The Nuggets AI at the time at the time, Meinian Health’s 2023 revenue exceeded 10.8 billion yuan

  China Securities News (Wang Yan) On April 25, the annual report of Meinian Health (002044) showed that the company achieved operating income of 10.894 billion yuan, an increase of 26.44%year -on -year;1.065 billion yuan; the total number of receptions increased by 13.0%year -on -year, and the unit price of the integrated customer increased by 11.2%year -on -year.The company stated that in 2024, it was firm and effective, and insisted on “sustainable growth of countless wisdom, diversified growth and high -quality profits.”Many brokerage research reports said that Meinian Health’s revenue in 2023 exceeded expectations, and the performance turned losses into profits. As the company’s income scale expanded and profitability continued to increase, it was optimistic about the company’s long -term development.As a leading medical company, Meimeian’s health continues to improve internal operating efficiency. At the same time, actively expand external cooperation, increase the AI application, implement the “All In AI” strategy, drive into the “AI+Medical” gold track, open a new performance growth curveEssence

  Use AI to open up 3 trillion health management market

  From the perspective of the secondary market, “AI+Medical” has frequently attracted attention. The mainstream view of the institution also believes that AI+medical care is expected to lead the medical industry to enter a new era of development.China Merchants Securities believes that the global “AI+Medical” market size exceeds $ 5 billion and will continue to maintain rapid growth.According to the global observation report, the average annual compound growth rate of the “AI+medical” market will exceed 29%, and in 2032, it will reach $ 70 billion.

  Massive data is the prerequisite for AI technology to develop rapidly and land application.As the largest personal health check -up data center in China, Meinian Health is unique to more than 100 million video data and 200 million structural health data.Recently, the company’s key national research and development plan “Health Examination Big Data Cloud Platform Construction” project has officially settled, and the collection of health check -up data of over 130 million people has been completed to help improve the value asset value and continuous training optimization AI model of the health check -up industry.It also laid a solid foundation for the “All In AI” strategy of the United States.

  In fact, Meinian Health has been refined for 7 years for 7 years. It has begun to lay out the AI field as early as 2017. At present, AI technology has been widely used in company products, covering lung nodule diagnosis, stroke AI diagnosis, and stroke diagnosis.Brain cognitive AI diagnosis, coronary calcification points AI diagnosis, ECG AI diagnosis, breast ultrasound diagnosis, ultrasonic AI quality control, bottom AI diagnosis, children’s bone age AI assessment, etc.

  The reporter learned that Mei Nian Health and Huawei Cloud and Runda Medical Cooperation developed the first domestic health management AI robot- “Healthy Little Beauty”. It is the core project of the “ALL in AI” strategy of Mei Nian.Large model technology, “Healthy Little Beauty” will provide intelligent and personalized private health butler services for all -weather online, with the construction of a full life cycle digital health file, three -dimensional digital twin people, intelligent interaction of large models, real -time summary analysis of health risks, based on the based onThe big health pipe model proposes health suggestions, formulate personalized health plans, and AI robotics assist health management.

  ”In the internal operation, the backstage of the” Healthy Little Beauty ‘Digital Zhijian Manager will be fully opened with the SaaS Cloud Platform of the SaaS Cloud, and further upgrade the full process management of the digital empowerment physical examination.Intelligent optimization and improvement from the interpretation of appointments, medical examinations, reports to subsequent health management and intervention. “Meinian Health said that the new platform will also strengthen in -depth cooperation with partners such as hospitals, insurance companies, and health management centers.Build a more comprehensive health management ecosystem, provide image remote reading, special disease -like special treatment service system, medical treatment green, innovative health insurance, nutritional customization and other back -end health management value -added services, giving users personalized and preciseThe medical examination suggestions and product recommendations are comprehensively improved.

  Industry insiders said that looking forward to the next mileage, the “healthy beauty” that has the advantages of big models and health big data, it will give birth to a series of services and products such as digital therapy and intelligent wearable devices, helping the United States to build a strong AI attribute with strong AI attributesEcological circle.

  From “all in digitalization” to “all in AI”, it is not difficult to see that Meimeian Health with data and application scenarios is using new AI technology to empower personalized physical examination services and upgrade the digital health management business.According to iResearch forecast, by 2028, the overall health management market size will exceed 30 billion yuan, and the annual compound growth rate will reach 12.5%between 2023 and 2028.In other words, Meinian Health has accelerated from the physical examination track to a wider health management field, and is in an incremental market with a prospect of 3 trillion yuan.

  Meinian Health said that the company will further implement the “All in AI” strategy, continue to deeply excavate the value of health data assets, and continuously deepen AI big data innovation and AIGC technology product power, and continue to promote the field of artificial intelligence technology and medical services in Digital Smart AIIn -depth integration and innovative applications, we will make every effort to build the leading domestic “AI+Health Management” benchmark platform, and is committed to upgrading from leading enterprises from preventing medical circuit to leaders of the full life cycle.

  It is worth mentioning that, according to the disclosure, the Merrology will demonstrate the data resources into the table, and gradually incorporate digital assets into the company’s financial statements, including data products, technology platforms, digital marketing tools accumulated in the operation process, optimization, etc. optimizations, etc.Management of digital assets.”The company’s move can show the company’s asset composition and data resource value more clearly, and also inject new vitality into the company’s future development.” Industry insiders believe that health and physical examination big data will be further promoted as emerging medical resources and new productive productivity, which will further promoteMidea -year high -quality development.

  The volume and price rises to open a new growth cycle

  The annual report data shows that Meinian Health has exceeded 10 billion yuan in 2023, and its income creates a historical peak, and its net profit has increased significantly.trail of.

  From the perspective of profits, usually in the early stage of digital transformation in traditional industries, it is difficult to immediately appear on the profit end of capital investment, and a certain return cycle is required.With the gradual growth of the business volume and the release of scale effects, the preliminary costs are continuously diluted, and profits often show the process of gradually thickening.In 2023, the company successfully turned losses into profits and released a strong signal that entered the harvest period.

  From the perspective of market demand, the concept of health of residents has continued to improve, and the demand for special inspections and mid -to -high -end health management in chronic basic diseases is relatively strong. It has gradually landed as a strong medical examination needs. Diversified and personalized health needs are expected to continue to grow.

  Under the background of the continuous upgrading of health consumption, Meinian Health has entered a benign development channel with demand promotion and rising volume and prices.In the past two years, the unit price of health customers has maintained double -digit growth.From the perspective of 2023, the unit price of the whole year increased by 11.2%year -on -year.Meinian Health said that the unit price of the customer is long -term work. The company’s next round of customer unit price growth is more driven through customer structure optimization and innovative products.

  The group inspection is the cornerstone. It is necessary to rely on a strong inspection. The two complement each other. The company adheres to the development of the group inspection.On the one hand, the company uses the group inspection and development center to uniformly coordinate the refined management of the B -end business nationwide, and continues to strengthen the B -end government -enterprise passenger system, and is committed to achieving the B -end business upgrade led by government -enterprise customers.It is understood that the proportion of the company’s government and enterprises has continued to increase.In fact, in recent years, when large enterprises choose the physical examination institution, it is more valued for comprehensive solutions. It is not difficult for the beautiful year healthy shortlisted by the head enterprise to bid.Advantages can occupy more market share.

  On the other hand, the company quickly promoted the C -side customer operating system with the Inspection and Development Center. The inspection business improved rapidly, and the online multi -channel operations blossomed.”In 2023, Tmall, and other traditional e -commerce inspection channels have doubled from the same period compared with the same period of 2022.” Mei Nian Health revealed that short video channels such as Douyin Quick Hand also exploded.The flatness has become one of the main force growth of the performance channels; the conversion rate of customers such as Meituan’s mouth and other platforms has also increased, and the performance has steadily increased. In terms of private domain platforms, with the full outbreak of the Meridian selection, the number of registered and daily traffic dual flow is doubled.Growth has made platform performance explosive growth.

  According to reports, in 2024, the company will continue to strengthen the fission and precipitation of the group list, further realize the release of the group package business and the individual inspection business, and continuously build the “continuous introduction of the community inspection public domain, reserve repurchase and conversion in private domain retaining and conversionThe three -dimensional intelligent marketing system of flow “flows to build a group inspection two -wheel drive growth of the customer service solution.