The latest reminder of the Wuhu Education Bureau!

The latest reminder of the Wuhu Education Bureau!

2024 Wuhu City City

Discipline of Sports and Health of Junior High School

Tips for examinations

Candidates and parents of candidates:


In 2024, the examination and health examination (hereinafter referred to as sports entrance examination) will be held from April 9th to April 15th (the centralized re -examination time of the exam is May 7) from April 9th).In order to ensure the smooth test of the candidates, the Wuhu Education Examination Center is now warmly reminded by related precautions:

1. Understand the test arrangements and make a good preparation before the exam

1. Pay attention to the inspection time

The Municipal Education Examination Center and the District Education Bureau (Social Business Bureau, Education Culture and Sports Bureau) will group candidates according to the category of candidates’ examination items before the exam. Candidates are requested to obey the school arrangements and enter the venue according to the school’s inspection time to ensure that they are not late.Do not go wrong.

2. Adjust the mentality of welcoming the test

Candidates should pay attention to personal hygiene, scientifically arrange scientific arrangements, strengthen diet nutrition, and ensure that they take the exam with a healthy state and a good mentality.Before the exam, make full preparation activities to prevent injury accidents.Candidates must not take various wireless communication equipment tools such as mobile phones to enter the examination room.

3. To prevent accidental injury accidents

Before the test, parents must carefully read the “A letter to the Parents of Candidates of the Discipline of Sports and Health in Wuhu City in 2024”, fill in the “Return” and submit it to the school, confirm that candidates ‘health status and their children participating in severe sports doctors’ orderin conclusion.In the pre -test medical examination and exams, if you encounter abnormal physical and mental symptoms such as physical and mental illness, you must obey the doctor’s advice unconditionally and obey the arrangement.It has been confirmed that the disease (such as cardiopulmonary dysfunction, or other diseases that may affect the safety of candidates), and are not suitable for candidates who take the sports entrance examination.

4. Prepare the right shoe and clothing

Candidates should wear clothing, suitable for sports, and cannot wear nails, jumping shoes and leather shoes, high heels, sandals, slippers, etc. to take sports tests.

5. Carry the admission ticket entry

The admission ticket is the only document for candidates to get the IC card for the test room.After entering the entrance of the sports examination room, candidates need to scan the barcode to check the personal information and receive the IC card after receiving the test venue.Candidates can install admission tickets and IC cards in their own transparent small plastic files for easy carrying.

6. Sign a letter of promise of integrity examination

Before the exam, the school will organize candidates to sign the letter of integrity examination commitment, guide candidates to enhance their sense of responsibility, and consciously achieve the examination behavior specifications.

2. Observe the rules of the examination and obey the examination management

1. We must obey the management of the guide

Each group of candidates has a guide to lead the team to do a good job of the management and related services of candidates.Candidates should obey command and consciously queue, and guide the guidance to take the exams of each project.

2. Consciously abide by the examination rules

In order to ensure fairness and fairness, all the tests for the various projects of the Sports Entrance Examination in Wuhu City use electronic chronograph scoring equipment to prevent human intervention and video video.Candidates must obey the command, comply with the examination rules, do not run, do not violate the rules, maintain the best test mentality, and play the best level.

3. Pay attention to check the confirmation results before leaving the field

After the test of all the projects of the candidates, under the leadership of the guide, you must swipe the IC card at the “Exit” to check the results of his sports test. The candidate confirms that his personal information and grades are correct before leaving the examination room.

4. To understand the method of appeal

After the sub -test site or at the “exit” inquiry score, if the candidates have objections to their test results, they should propose to the referee or discipline inspection personnel on the spot and fill in the performance of the sports test score.The arbitration team will deal with candidates in a timely manner in a fair and fair manner according to the candidates’ appeal.Once the candidate leaves the examination room, the appeal proposed by his results will not be accepted afterwards.

5. Must be neat and hygienic in the test area

One day before and after the exam every half day, the school school should clean and disinfect the examination venue.Candidates must not make a loud noise in the examination room, walk around at will, and do not paint on the walls and the ground. Do not put them in disorderly, losing clothes, miscellaneous objects and mineral water bottles that have been consumed.

3. Consciously abide by the relevant provisions of the prevention and control of infectious diseases to ensure the safety of the exam

1. We must do a good job of safety protection.

We must consciously abide by the relevant regulations of the country, provincial and municipalities, do a good job of health monitoring of candidates, and safe protection during the examination.

2. If you have discomfort, report it in time

During the exam, we set up medical rescue stations at each test site, equipped with professional first -aid personnel, 120 first -aid vehicles, and necessary first -aid drugs and equipment.Candidates should report them in time if they are discomfort and other emergencies, and actively cooperate with medical staff for treatment.

3. Consciously abide by the regulations of closed management

From the day before the self -examination, the examination venue is implemented, and non -staff members shall not enter the examination venue.The school will collect the exam collectively. Parents should consciously abide by the regulations, do not send the test, do not gather at the entrance of the school school, and watch around the sports field.

Finally, I wish candidates a smooth exam and achieve my ideal results!

Wuhu Education Examination Center

March 25, 2024


Source | Wuhu Education Bureau

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