Straight on the spot!83rd China Education Equipment Exhibition

Straight on the spot!83rd China Education Equipment Exhibition

On April 19, the 83rd Chinese Education Equipment Exhibition, which was exclusively named by HKUST, officially opened in Chongqing.HKUST Xunfei brought a wonderful appearance of AI products and services covering the main scene of education. Focusing on the innovative application of the Xunfenhuo model in the education field, it set up eight major exhibition areas to bring an immersive viewing experience.

Education Model Experience Area

In May last year, Xunfei Fire acknowledged that the model was officially released. So far, five upgrades have been achieved. Each time is closely combined with education, and deeply empowers teaching and facing the five education.

“Can you write a poem about the moon?” The educational model experience area, a audience was asking “Su Shi”, just as soon as the voice fell, a song “Water Tune” appeared on the screen and carried intimatelyAttach a detailed explanation of poems.This is an inspirational classroom created by HKUST Xunfei using the star fire model and digital human technology, so that Einstein, Li Bai, Zhuge Liang, Turing, Helen Keller and other historical celebrities and science masters “walk into” classrooms to assist teachers in real timeAnswer the children’s curiosity.

Virtual people can not only assist teachers to teach, but also become students’ learning partners.At the scene, you can “receive” a virtual classmate or examiner from the Star Fire language, 1V1 immersive exercise speaking, and take over the needs of various stages such as preschool, elementary, junior high school, high school, university level, IELTS TOEFL, etc.,Easier.

Xunfei Star Fire Intelligent Window Exhibition Area

At the 83rd China Education Equipment Exhibition New Products and New Technical and New Achievements, HKUST Xunfei released the Xunfei Xinghuo Smart Blackboard equipped with Starfire V3.5, and set up a theme exhibition area.The series of products, through multi -mode understanding and recommendation, all -natural interaction, virtual human assistance, intelligent recording courses and sharing, intelligent comment, star fire wisdom correction and other functions, let the blackboard transition from the board tool to the teacher AI assistant.For example, multimodal understanding and recommendation, OCR recognition and intelligent recommendation based on the 9 -type description elements, can achieve precise capture of the bookmarks, intelligently generate more intuitive, more vivid disciplines/discipline resources, help students understand, cultivate students ‘imagination, and cultivate students’ imaginationEssence

Smart Teaching Exhibition Area

Focusing on wisdom teaching, HKUST Xunfei focuses on showing products such as Xinghuo Teachers, Star Fire Smart Class, Star Fire Micro Class and Class analysis, and Big Data Precision Teaching.

“Please focus on the teaching design of the second unit of high school language around the theme of the” quality of the times and the spirit of craftsmanship “.” According to the requirements, the Xinghuo teacher assistant immediately generated a unit theme, teaching goals, and the requirements required by the new curriculum standards.Learn the professional teaching design of the task group, and support detailed editing and personalized modifications, greatly improving the efficiency of teachers’ lessons.In addition, in teaching reflection, subject inspiration, student comments, class conference design, home visits and communication, it can also liberate teachers’ productivity by inspiring inspiration.

Equipped with Xunfei Star Fire model, the smart classroom ushered in a comprehensive upgrade. Class scenes such as lessons, lectures, homework, learning, and teaching data analysis were ushered in.Personality.

Star fire micro -class and classroom analysis, using portable equipment to achieve normalized classroom recording collection. The star fire model can automatically cut the curriculum teaching link, and give specific analysis and analysis of teaching behavior, classroom question and answer, students’ scholarships, etc.Targeted suggestions, help teachers’ development and teaching quality.

Can analyze learning and recommend learning.Big data precise teaching systems rely on diversified centralized data collection methods such as online reading and hand -reading to form an evaluation report to build a learner -centered academic evaluation system.Scientific decisions, teachers’ precise teaching, student burden reduction and efficiency.

In the operating scenario, Duzhi operations can realize intelligent and one -stop operation design, layout, collection, correction, and closed -loop application. Through the entire scene and multi -dimensional academic application analysis, effectively help teachers and students to reduce burden, precise teaching and research, and efficient managementEssencePersonalized learning manuals can accurately analyze thin points according to the different learning conditions of students, formulate exclusive learning solutions to achieve personalized errors and targeted consolidation.

Science education exhibition area

“For the education system, artificial intelligence is a ‘golden key’.” In this exhibition, HKUST Xunfei launched the “Star Fire to help the artificial intelligence laboratory solution 2.0 upgraded version”, which continues version 1.0Teaching books as the core teaching system, based on the integration of teaching and evaluation of artificial intelligence teaching application platforms, and supported by artificial intelligence experimental teaching aids, and based on the leading ability of star fire models, a new generation of high -quality experiments has been createdTeaching aids and AI model courses experiments, created the pioneer of intelligent education literacy evaluation, and innovated the “Star Fire Edition” of artificial intelligence education.

Focus on “artificial intelligence+” to empower the new model of information technology education, and artificial intelligence help information technology education solutions are supported by curriculum standards, experimental teaching as the core, starfire cognitive model technology.He started to help the teacher start a section of information and technology lessons.

“Easy to open classes, can experiment, and innovation”, scientific education solutions revolved around key areas and key areas such as curriculum resource construction, experimental teaching development, professional growth of teachers, venue scenarios, and social forces integration.Models, empower the entire scene of scientific education, help scientific education to improve quality, comprehensive improvement in group scientific literacy, and students of scientists have been discovered early.

Rest assured that the teacher version of the teacher is equipped with the Xunfei Fire model, which can provide one -stop teaching tools for high -quality quality curriculum resources and high -efficiency lecture experience, helping teachers in the school to low thresholds and lightly afford good quality courses.

Physical and mental health exhibition area

In the physical and mental health exhibition area, you can enter the AI psychological hut and open a deep psychological dialogue in a privacy environment.AI psychological partner “Little Star” can accurately capture and identify the emotional and emotional status of the dialogue, and provide accurate and intelligent personalized consulting and counseling according to the different situations of the individual.Comprehensive improvement of school psychological counseling coverage rate.

Focusing on sports education, the “smart playground” is set up in the exhibition area, long -term jumping, rope skipping, opening and closing jump, squatting … A variety of projects experience it, obtain personalized sports prescriptions, and guide scientific exercise.On the basis of solving problems such as solving traditional physical education teaching “difficulty, difficult recording, difficult supervision, difficult analysis”, etc.growing up.

How to grasp the “command stick” of education evaluation and promote the comprehensive and personalized development of students?HKUST Xunfei built the evaluation system of the five education students in the concept of “Evaluation Evaluation”, combined with the results of the evaluation work of 100 schools, forming a rich, high -quality evaluation indicator, school -based activity library and multi -level evaluation report library to help the area, and the region, andThe school implements the evaluation of the five education more convenient and high quality.

In addition, the products such as Jingshi calligraphy, art assessment, and other products have also attracted many audiences to stop and participate in interaction.

Regional Education Digital Exhibition Area

Facing regional education management and governance, HKUST Xunfei focuses on the comprehensive solutions of educational digital bases, star fire application development assistants, comprehensive teaching solutions for the aptitude, and comprehensive solutions for the production and braking national community.

Under the background of the current new educational infrastructure and digital transformation, the digital base can provide a set of convenient and easy -to -use new educational digital operating systems for regions, schools, and institutions to help users build standards, platforms, disk data, and applications to solve regions to solve regionsEcological construction, balanced development, and data governance.

“It is said that it is obtained, what you want is used.” Star fire application development assistant is based on digital base ecology, combined with low -code engines and Xunfei Xinghuo recognition models, so that educators who do not understand programming can use a sentence to describe the needs.Creative education light management applications, realize “personalized demand at any time, flexible adjustment in future demand, temporary needs at any time, and scene supplementation and fine construction.”

Information solutions for teaching according to their aptitude, focusing on educational teaching scenarios such as teachers and students’ burdens and efficiency, five education, education governance, etc., transform education process and scenario information into big data resources to support education and teaching, and serve the change and innovation of education and teaching models.It has now achieved large -scale applications in 55 cities, districts (counties) including Bengbu, Shandong Qingdao, Chongqing, and Wuhan, Hubei in Anhui, and Wuhan in Wuhan, Hubei, and helps to educate digital transformation.

Language learning exhibition area

In response to language learning, HKUST Xunfei brought products such as AI language teaching, AI reading pavilions, digital reading rooms, Fei Reading Platform, AI Reading Platform, AI Language Learning, AI Language Evaluation and other products., Tube “full scene.

Among them, AI I heard that the classroom relies on the Science Da Xunfei Smart Voice Evaluation Technology, allowing students to hold the voice answers. In the ordinary classroomEssence

E heard 6.0 under the blessing of the big model. The newly -built English listening, speaking, reading, reading, writing, one -stop learning assistant can be carried out in a paperless form.Writing intelligent correction.In addition, you can also provide students with personalized preparation of hearing, adaptive spoken dialogue, etc. to help efficient preparation.

Flying Reading Excellent Reading is a digital reading solution in class, after -course, and extra -curricularized digital reading solutions created by HKUST Xunfei for primary and secondary schools.It consists of a digital reading platform, ink screen reading terminal, and mobile reading APP, providing teachers and students with high -quality digital reading resources, providing the school with digital reading environment covering in -class, after -course, and extracurricular.Data management of the reading situation.

Preschool education exhibition area

Focusing on children’s education scenes, the AI tools of Star Fire Early Church Assistant and Garden Gaming Activity were displayed on the spot, and artificial intelligence technology guarded children to grow happily.

Star fire preschool assistant, teacher daily teaching can use the Xunfei star fire model to generate the materials and event curriculum materials in time according to the interests and characteristics of the young children in this class, reduce the time preparation time, make the classroom presentation more vivid and interesting, and the child’s learning is more active., Focus.

The gaming activity of the garden, teachers can use AI robots to create situations, organize classroom activities in a game, and record children’s game data through intelligent devices to provide guidance for children’s later development.