Share purchase: the rise of the innovative business model

Share the two core points of the purchase model:

1. After the user uses the platform for the first time, the first recommender can get benefits; when consumer again, the second recommender can also get a return.Based on and so on, only one recommender in the distribution system can get benefits, the so -called first -level distribution.

2. When the user chooses to guide the third -party platform on the platform to buy goods and complete the purchase operation, the third -party platform will return some commission difference to the platform.At this time, the platform will complete the reorganization of this part of the commission, including the income obtained by itself, the income obtained by sharing, the income brought by the region, and the additional rewards from the platform.10%.

Share purchase model is a more advanced business idea than other business models. It is based on the core concept of the sharing economy and uses modern technology to bring unique and comprehensive consumption experience to the majority of users.Therefore, for merchants and consumers, sharing and purchase are undoubtedly a new business model full of potential and opportunities.

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