Seeking the online reviewer: Promote DAC learning and education

From April to July this year, the party disciplinary study and education in the whole party is an important measure to strengthen the party’s discipline construction and promote the development of the party to the development of the party with the highest leadership comrades as the core.The General Secretary of the Supreme Leaders attaches great importance to this party discipline study and education, and has delivered important speeches and made important instructions many times.On January 8 this year, at the Third Plenary Session of the 20th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, he proposed that “the opportunity to study and implement the new revised disciplinary punishment regulations will carry out a centralized discipline education in the whole party”;When the Bureau’s meeting reviews the theme education summary report and the opinions on the achievements of the theme educational theme education, it requires “carry forward the spirit of self -revolution and carry out a centralized discipline education in the whole party organization”; during the inspection in Hunan in March, it emphasized that “organizing the development of party discipline good party disciplineStudy and educate, guide party members and cadres to learn discipline, discipline, Ming discipline, and absence of discipline “; during the inspection in Chongqing in April, they further requested that” solidly carried out party discipline learning and education, and guided party members and cadresConsciously. “The important instructions of the General Secretary’s important speech have strong political, ideological, targeted, and guiding, and provide fundamental following the party disciplinary study and education.
At present, party discipline learning and education in an orderly manner in the whole party, and various departments and units and units organize party members and cadres to thoroughly study and implement the important expositions of the general leader of the Supreme Leadership on strengthening party discipline construction and the spirit of important instructions on party discipline learning and education.Study and implement the “Regulations on the Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China” (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”), and create a strong atmosphere of academic regulations and party discipline.This time, party discipline education and education are tight and heavy. We must adhere to higher standing, stricter requirements, and more practical style, and promote party discipline learning and education.
Grasp the target requirements.The goal is clear.This time, party discipline education and education should adhere to the guidance of the socialist ideas with the highest leader in the new era, focusing on solving problems such as party members and cadres who are not interested in party discipline, unknown, and not grasping.Study the “Regulations” seriously, figure out what the party’s discipline is, to understand what can be done and what you can’t do, print the discipline of the rules and discipline, internalization into a criterion for words and deeds, further strengthen discipline awareness, strengthen self -restraint, and improve immune capacity.Strengthen political determination, discipline determination, moral determination, resistance to corruption, and always be loyal and clean.Only by closely focusing on this goal, accurate efforts and deepening can we enhance the pertinence and accuracy of party discipline learning and education, and prevent astigmatism from glory and deformation.
Grasp the focus of learning.Yan Ming discipline is not the requirements of empty abstraction, but reflected in specific actions.The Regulations, as the basic head of the party’s disciplinary construction, stipulate the party’s discipline and discipline basis.EssenceSince the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee has revised the “Regulations” three times, and has continuously raised the comprehensive and strict governance of the party’s rich theory and practical achievements into institutional norms, transformed into disciplinary requirements, and realized the party’s discipline construction.The newly revised “Regulations” comprehensively implement the highest leaders in the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 20th major spirit of the party, adhere to the strict tone, adhere to the combination of problem orientation and target -oriented, further strict political discipline and political rules, and drive all itemsThe discipline is comprehensive and strict, and the strong signal of strict and stricter discipline has been released.To carry out good party disciplinary study and education, we must focus on the learning focus on the “Regulations”.Learning to learn in place, effectively use to correct ideas and actions, and truly make the process of learning party discipline a process of enhancing discipline awareness and improving party spirit.
Pay attention to learning.Party discipline learning and education should be integrated into daily life, regular grasping, and work hard to focus on effectiveness and improve quality.Persist in learning by chapter by chapter, combine individual self -study and concentrated learning, discuss the party’s “six major disciplines”, accurately grasp the main requirements and regulations of the “Regulations”, and further clarify the measurement ruler of daily words and deeds.In close contact with the actual study, consciously compare the provisions of the Regulations, put yourself in, put your responsibilities in, put your job in, and discover the problems in time, clarify the direction of efforts, and refine rectification measures.Practice the case with the case, deeply analyze the typical cases of disciplinary violations, strengthen warning education, and use the people around them to educate people around them, so that party members and cadres are awakened, bright bottom lines, and awe.Do a good job of helping schools, strengthen the interpretation and training of the Regulations, help party members and cadres to deeply understand and accurately grasp their spiritual essence, and truly achieve the unity of learning and understanding.
(Edit: Kuang Sisi)