Painting Star Education to help the rise of online illustration education industry

With the development of the Internet, the illustration industry is becoming more and more familiar, attracting countless young people to join and rapidly developing maturity in a short time

According to public information that can be searched, there are currently more than 200 domestic illustration education and training institutions, and this number is still growing.At present, the education, design, publishing, and media of the illustration industry have been widely used in various industries, and the demand for talents is also increasing.Illustration training has become a new outlet in the field of online education.

However, from the perspective of the industry, there are very few institutions with strong comprehensive strength in the online education industry. What is the development of this optimistic fiery industry?

Focus on the dark horse “painting star education”, which has risen in the past year, recently, a series of news about the “painting star education” that has risen in the past year has received widespread attention from people. With the continuous expansion of the company’s scale, the company’s scale has continued to expandNot only did the industry occupy a place, but also made remarkable results.It is worth mentioning that although the scale of “painting star education” is relatively small, the students’ response and curriculum evaluation on various platforms are surprisingly good, and they have almost achieved the amazing results of zero bad reviews.

How did it do?

Since 2018, the education of the star has begun to take root in the field of offline education.In 2019, the company began to educate and exchange online, and quickly accumulated rich experience. In just three years, the company has developed and launched a variety of online professional courses. At the same time, it also has an experienced teacher.Team is committed to providing high -quality illustration teaching.

The core force of the education of star education comes from a team with excellent creative ability and R & D strength. The scale reaches 100+ people to serve the one -way responsibility system to ensure the efficiency and quality of teaching and students’ development.

In 2023, painting star education has won the heavyweight award of Tencent Education Annual Education Brand of the Year with the infinite love and professional spirit of education.The professional level of the education industry has been highly recognized by the industry, and it has laid a solid foundation for the future development of the painting star education.

This may be attributed to the dynamics of painting star education in the industry. It can timely grasp the needs and trends of the market, adjust the teaching direction and curriculum settings, and provide students with more practical and cutting -edge illustration education services.

After long -term curriculum practice and teaching experience summary of the education of star education, it is found that a large number of homework does not really improve the learning efficiency of students. Instead, it will make them burnout, unable to grasp the correct direction of homework, and lead to low learning efficiency.In response to this kind of problem, the education of the paintings quickly adjusted the curriculum. The new course advocates “more exercises, less homework”, so that students can find the painting feel and improve the level in the practice.

In addition, this year’s painting star education seizes the market popularity. When many peers are shortening the service cycle, they do the opposite. From the original three -year playback/one -year counseling to five -year release/three -year counseling, it provides students with moreA long -lasting and more personalized services in order to better grasp the content of the curriculum.

This major change has received a wide range of praise from the trainees once it was launched. A new student Li Xin accepted an interview: “ActuallyIt’s not very good, so I have been hesitating. In fact, I didn’t plan to register for the education of the star. The main reason is that the scale is not very large. Although I listened to a few audition lessons, the teacher’s teaching level is very good, but I still haven’t taken it.The idea of setting up, until some time ago, seeing the reform and discounts of painting star education, it is never that other institutions have never been seen.

The adjustment of the curriculum cycle is not the main optimization strategy adopted by the painter this year. Compared with the flat/thick coating courses of other platforms, the painting star has been deeply updated to the course.In the additional courses of the class instead of setting up a paid project separately, this measure reflects the keen insight and deep thinking of the painting star’s development trend in the painting industry, and also highlights its high professionalism and responsibility.

Painting Star Education is an institution dedicated to cultivating practitioners, creators and educators in the field of professional painting. In order to pay attention to the teaching and practice of knowledge, to provide users with professional and efficient education concepts with professional knowledge and practical experience, Valuable, solid, comprehensive, personality -based knowledge products and services, it aims to help people who want to improve in the field of painting.

Taking users as the center, constantly see, listen, and perceive the needs and changes of users to optimize services and products.For painting star education, thinking about the problem from the perspective of students can understand what the students’ needs are. This may be that painting star education can become a dark horse -like institution in the online illustration education industry in a short period of time.

Presumably in the future, more and more peers will stand more from the perspective of students and needs to look at the problem.The online illustration education market is expected in the future, but both institutions and students may need a little more patience.