MLB’s two sisters outdoor sports brands accelerate China’s expansion

MLB’s two sisters outdoor sports brands accelerate China’s expansion

Interface News reporter | Zhu Yongling

Interface News Edit | Xu Yue

Outdoor tracks are attracting more and more players. The sports tide brand MLB parent company South Korea F & F Group is one of the recent entry.

In the second half of 2023, the F & F Group willDuvetica and Supra introduced China.The former positioning is the brand of high -end outdoor lifestyles -its main charge jacket is priced between 2000 yuan and 3500 yuan, and in August 2023, it opened the first Chinese store in Shanghai;Lifetime brand, during the “Eleventh” period in 2023, opened in five cities such as Shanghai and Chongqing.

Duvetica andSupra follows the route of raising high and rapid expansion.For more than half a year so far,Duvetica andSUPRA has opened 15 and 20 stores, respectively, and most of the core shopping malls in the first -tier and provincial cities, including Vientiane City, Intime, IFS, etc.

Recent,Duvetica’s new store is also the first store in Jiangxi in Nanchang Vientiane City.

Duvetica andSupra is not completely unfamiliar to Chinese consumers.

After being acquired by the F & F Group in 2018, Duvetica was inIn 2020, enter the Chinese market through the Tmall flagship store, But the positioning of the time was stillItalian luxury down jacket brand.In fact, this is alsoDuvetica’s original appearance at the beginning of 2004, the two founders of the brandGiampiero Vagliano and Stefano RovolettoLuxury down jacket brand Moncler designer.

Although SUPRA entered China for the first time, as early as 2010, he was understood by some Chinese consumers because of Justin Bieber’s goods.This is by American skatersCHAD MUSKA founded the skates brand founded in 2006. It was originally the main topic of trendy items such as shoe and T -shirt.

SupraOnce turned around, it once fell into the hands of Chinese companies.In 2019, Tubu International packed from South Korea ’s Yixian Group and purchased and acquiredSupra insideMany brands, but there is no plan to take over the serious losses at that timeSupra, Sale for the following yearF & F Group.

Image source: Supra

Obviously, Duvetica and the vision of the Chinese Volkswagen and VolkswagenSupra changed its head to varying degrees under the transformation of the F & F Group.In recent years, it has become hotter in the Chinese marketThe outdoor trend has become the common tone of the two.

At present, Duvetica still retains down jacket product lines, but it is no longer mentioned in the official introduction to its history as a high -end down jacket brand.The brand’s main product has become a hard and soft shell jacket, and it has also launched sports casual clothes and shoe bags.But Duvetica’s love design style has continued, and its Italian “blood” has been repeatedly emphasized.Duvetica has set up a “Italian Color” area in its Tmall flagship store. According to color such as Sicilian powder, extra purple, Cabrian, etc., the product is classified.

Supra focuses on urban mild outdoor, and pricing is more close to the people.Supra still uses sneakers as its main product, and also launched a single windproof jacket than professional jackets, as well as single -ball uniforms, sweater, T -shirts, workpants, bags and hats, etc. It reflects its street trendy genes.The SUPRA price belt is mainly within 1,000 yuan. At present, the most expensive items for its Tmall flagship store are priced at 2399 yuan.

Whether it is a fast -paced shop speed or a mind betting on outdoor concepts, the F & F Group’s self -confidence in its market judgment to a certain extent.With the success of MLB, the F & F Group seems to want to use the same play to bring fire duvetica andSupra.

Picture source: Fan Jianlei

After the F & F Group took over the agency rights of the MLB brand in mainland China in 2020, it relying on rapidly developing stores and localization of brands and products, it reshaped the performance of MLB in the Chinese market.

MLB’s official website shows that MLB entered the Chinese mainland market in June 2019 and opened Tmall flagship stores. In less than two years, the number of offline stores exceeded 100. By July 2023, the numberEssenceIn comparison, under the operation of the previous Chinese agent, MLB has not been involved in online channels, and there are more than 300 offline stores.

Interface NewsPreviously reportedIt is mentioned that because of the baseball culture represented by MLB -its brand name is derived fromMajor Baseball League), In the Chinese market is not mature, the F & F Group has weakened MLB’s baseball attributes in the brand image, instead close to entertainment and fashion, and positions it as a street sports lifestyle brand.

The strategy reflected in marketing is that MLB favors the star loved by young groups -its current brand spokesperson is Yu Shuxin, and also pays attention to the operation of social media.At the product level, MLB drives research and development with the feedback of the target market, and adopts a large single product strategy.Taking the MLB’s signature explosive hat as an example, MLB has a new over 300 hats each year. These prominent LOGO items also help strengthen consumer brand awareness.

According to the financial report of the F & F Group, in 2023, the revenue of subsidiaries operating in mainland China ’s business in 2023 increased by 40.0%year -on -year to 813.256 billion won (about RMB 4.258 billion).To 30.86%; operating profit increased by 108.3%year -on -year to 32.554 billion won (about 170 million yuan).

Back to duvetica andSupra, F & F Group’s trading style has been reflected.In addition to the aforementioned fast -growing shop and the localization of the brand, both have also laid out the account matrix on platforms such as Xiaohongshu, WeChat, Douyin, Weibo, etc.And they all pay attention to celebrities’ marketing. A variety of products in Tmall flagship stores are eye -catching.

The F & F Group, Duvetica andSupra has a little more advantage over brands that broke into the Chinese market.But it is not easy to kill the siege in the increasingly crowded outdoor sports track.