Help the construction of the international consumer center city!The first batch of 15 metropolitan Yangcheng Night Markets in Guangzhou was officially released

Help the construction of the international consumer center city!The first batch of 15 metropolitan Yangcheng Night Markets in Guangzhou was officially released
As a thousand -year -old capital, Guangzhou has a deep nightlife. It is the deep participants and important promoting forces of China’s night economic development.
From the first domestic lighting night market established in the 1980s -the Lighting Night Market of West Lake Road to the “YOUNG City Yeah City” Night Consumption Festival IP, which has developed in recent years, in recent years, Guangzhou continues to excavate and release night consumption vitality., Build a comprehensive, three -dimensional night economic picture.
On March 30, the Office of the Leading Group of the International Consumer Center for the International Consumer Center in Guangzhou held a meeting to officially pass the list of the first batch of 15 metropolitan Yangcheng night market pioneers.
This is led by the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and the city’s public security, transportation, cultural tourism, market supervision, urban management and other departments, in accordance with the “Several Measures for the Construction of the Consumer Consumer Center Consumer Center for Cultivation of Yangcheng Night City Pioneer District” (hereinafter referred to as “”Several measures), the first batch of metropolitan Yangcheng Night Market pioneers identified in the city, marked the new steps of Guangzhou’s night economic development.
Formally announced!The first batch of 15 metropolitan Yangcheng night markets in Guangzhou
In 2023, Guangzhou proposed to rely on the construction of key business districts in the international consumer center, to build the Yangcheng Night Market Pioneer District, and cultivate a characteristic highland for developing night economy.Among them, in accordance with the principles of “international standards, distinctive characteristics, different development, and total control”, it is identified and built throughout the city to build and build a pioneer area of Yangcheng Night Market.
According to the relevant person in charge of the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, because the “Yangcheng Night Market” is a unique label in Guangzhou, the Metropolitan Yangcheng Night Market Pioneering District represents the highest level of construction in Guangzhou Night Features.The first batch of identification work was officially launched in January this year. The districts were led by the leaders of the district. The relevant district departments and the streets formed a joint force, selected the most night characteristics and the most industrial foundation.EssenceAfter organizing experts to visit one by one, concentrated defense, evaluation scoring, results publicity and other links, the first batch of 15 metropolitan Yangcheng night market pioneers were announced, covering 11 districts in Guangzhou.There are 1 area.include:
Yuexiu District: Beijing Road-Haizhu Square Commercial District, Dongshi Business District
Haizhu District: Guangzhou Tower-Pota Food Collection Area, Jiangnan Cultural Business Travel Integration Circle
Liwan District: Daxuan (up and down nine -Yongqingfang) business district
Tianhe District: Huntde District, Tianhe Road Business District
Baiyun District: Baiyun New Town Colorful Music Business Circle
Huangpu District: Baoneng Performing Arts Center-Zhitai Plaza Business Cultural Travel Forming Business District
Huadu District: Guangzhou Sunac Culture Travel City
Panyu District: Changlong Wanbo Business District, Blessing Colorful World Business District
Nansha District: Bianmen Hanoi Bay Core Business District
Conghua District: Haiyu Business District
Zengcheng District: Zengcheng Plaza Ecological Leisure Business District
The selected areas are the mature consumer areas of Guangzhou. They have their own highlights in terms of positioning, forming a multi -nightlife consumer map that radiates the city.
There are urban-level business districts in the country, such as Beijing Road-Haizhu Square Commercial District, which is a cultural tourism destination containing the thousand-year-old Guangfu culture.More than a dozen commercial carriers to build a place for international and multi -class literary and business travel fusion places;
There are neighboring communities and blocks that are full of “small” to fireworks but not losing the trend.For example, the colorful blessings and colorful world business districts are positioned as a new rhyme experience community in life; the Huntde neighborhood will buildNew landmarks of night food and night entertainment based on Lingnan Culture;The fashion trend base with both fireworks on earth;High -quality projects and fusion areas with unique entertainment, ecology, leisure and other characteristicsFor example, Guangzhou Sunac Literary Travel City provides a one-stop experience of eating, accommodation, and entertainment for all customers;World -class cultural tourism land standard and Lingnan cultural experience place; Baoneng Performing Arts Center-Zhitai Plaza Commercial Travel Forming Business District is a integration consumption highland in the Huangpu District Jishang Entertainment and Entertainment Sports …
It is understood that in accordance with the “Metropolitan Metropolitan Yangcheng Night Market Pioneer District Identification Evaluation Measures”, the recognized Metropolitan Yangcheng Night Market Pioneer Zone is valid for 2 years, and the validity period will be reviewed.After the first identification of 15 pilot zones this time, the follow -up year will be reported and reviewed in accordance with the actual organization. Each year, according to the principle of “a batch of mature, a batch of a batch, the construction of a batch”, and the review of the review cannot be passed.In the end, the city cultivated 30 cities in Yangcheng Night Market.
Plaster Guangzhou Night Consumption Brand
Promote the construction of international consumer center cities to accelerate
In recent years, in order to thoroughly implement the strategy of expanding domestic demand and release consumer potential and vitality to the greatest extent, Guangzhou meets the needs of the cultivation and construction of international consumer center cities, and continues to carry out the “YOUNG City Yeah City” (homophonic Yangcheng Night Market) cities at night, which has been widely recognized by the market.Essence
The golden signboard of “Millennium Capital” shows the new image of international, younger and personalized in the new time and space of the 21st century.
It is foreseeable that the identification and deepening construction of the first batch of 15 metropolitan Yangcheng Night Market will further brighten the “Young Night Market (YEAH City)” city night consumer brand to promote the acceleration of the construction of international consumer center cities.
As one of the experts in this identification, Zhong Zhaohui, president of the newly established Guangzhou Night Economic Development Federation recently, said that looking at the first batch of 15 capital -level Yangcheng Night Market Pioneers, it gathered many benchmark commercial projects in Guangzhou and merged the rich and exemplary.The diverse night consumption format provides a broad and diverse consumption scenario for the economic development of Guangzhou at night, and it will also be a solid “commercial soil” carrying the continuous innovation of Guangzhou’s night economy.
Wu Chuanyu, chairman of, who is also a member of the expert group, believes that the first batch of 15 metropolitan Yangcheng Night Market Pioneer District showed the business “local background” belonging to Guangzhou at different angles.Whether it is a commercial architectural form with Lingnan characteristics, or the old -fashioned brand that has been tempered after time, or an unique non -heritage culture, it has created night culture space such as Lingnan culture, Guangfu culture, and modern red culture in Guangzhou to create “Park+”, art+”, “culture+” and other non -standard commercial scenes that can be perceived, experienced, and immersed in perceptual, can bring rich imagination.
Try the first test measures to combine boxingCreate a complementary and distinctive personality carrier system of Yangcheng Night Market
After the first batch of metropolitan Yangcheng Night Market Pioneer District was identified, how to cultivate construction has attracted the attention of all parties.In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce said that the following measures will be implemented:
First, promote the tolerance and prudent regulatory policies and promote the night economy to “light up”.
▲ Optimize the management of mass activities
In the first three months of application, the organizer of the commercial activity organizer held the same theme multiple activities (more than 1,000 people), and the public security organs permitted at one time; if it was less than 1,000, it was possible to record from the streets in the quarter.
▲ Simplify the audit process
The operating entity of the pioneer area can apply to the town street. According to the annual clearing area and period, the merchants do not need to apply the application in the same year.Under the premise of not affecting the city’s environment and not violating the requirements of laws and regulations, encourage the production advertisements and signboards with the characteristics of Yangcheng Night Market brand characteristics.
▲ Optimize business performance approval management
The piloting of business performance activities in the advance zone streamlines approval materials, optimizes the approval process, and establishes a green channel for express approval.
▲ Encourage night -time delay service
After two o’clock in the morning, there are no operating venues such as bars, restaurants, cafes, cultural tourism leisure and other operating venues without the normal life order of residents.
Second, provide efficient and centralized service guarantees to escort the night economy.
▲ Investment resources to create a series of night economic business cards
Encourage districts to combine reality, strengthen government planning and construction, enhance the functional positioning of advanced zones, create characteristic districts, and become a business card in this district.
▲ Priority to the scope of the improvement of municipal hardware
Improve night parking, night bus operation guarantees, hydropower, sewage, garbage classification, power grid and other upgrades, optimize night decoration and lighting, landscape building, and pilot to create time -sharing pedestrian streets.
Third, attract and integrate market resources and improve the vitality of the night.
▲ Promote the establishment of a professional operating institution
Promote the combined advantages and industrial characteristics of various advanced areas, set up professional business operating institutions, and conduct business planning, brand investment and commercial operations as a whole, and promote the dislocation of the internal carrier between the advanced areas and the internal carrier of the advanced area.
▲ Continue to build an international brand of internationalization, younger, and personalized night economic brands
With the key carrier of the pioneering zone, we continue to carry out the “Young City Yeah City” Night Consumption Festival, strengthen the brand marketing planning and promotion of “Young City” brand marketing planning and promotion, and polish internationalization, younger, and personalized night economic brands.
▲ Cross -border integration promotes cooperation in various market players
We will big and strengthen the platform of the Guangzhou Night Economic Development Federation, integrate resources such as financial institutions, business carriers, business enterprises, platform enterprises, media, and other resources, promote market entities to carry out cooperation, and achieve the effect of cross -border integration, format improvement, and active atmosphere.
These resources will focus on the pioneering zone, and through the “pioneering zone+market resources” method, the government and enterprises will be jointly stimulated to further stimulate the vitality of the market.
In addition to Metropolitan Yangcheng Night Market Pioneer District, Guangzhou also encourages districts to refer to the identification of the pioneer zone of Yangcheng Night Market, create a community micro -night market demonstration site, and shape the special night scenes of cultural tourism.Exploration to form a characteristic carrier system of Yangcheng Night Market with different levels and different characteristics, continuously stimulate consumer growth momentum, help Guangzhou to build an international consumer center city, and promote the new vitality of old cities and “four new brilliance”.
Rebellious and differently developedList of 15 Metropolitan Yangcheng Night Market Pioneers
Yuexiu District
Beijing Road-Haizhu Plaza Business District: Cultural Tourism destinations containing thousands of years of Guangfu Culture
Four to the range: east to Wende Road, extend to Jiangwan Bridge, to Lianxin Road, Education Road, Uprising Road, Jiefang South Road, south to the middle of the river, north to Guangwei Road
Beijing Road-Haizhu Square Commercial District is the place where the urban construction of Guangzhou is located. It has profound cultural heritage, prosperous business, and active consumption at night.There are 4 national key cultural insurance units, 8 provincial cultural security units, 35 Lingnan African heritage projects, and 52 old -fashioned names.A square meter, nearly 2,000 gathering brands, and more than 60 % of the night passenger flow. It is a comprehensive area for night purchase, night purchase, night tour, and night entertainment one -stop experience.And the titles such as the tourist consumption agglomeration area.
Huanshi Dongshang District: International high -end consumer vitality gathering area
Fourth to the range: east to Hua Le Road, the construction of the big road in the west, the east road in the south, the east road in the north
As the “Guangzhou Central Vitality District”, the east of the city is the first CBD of Guangzhou. It is located above the traditional central axis of Guangzhou.For the high -quality consumption accommodation venues, it has created the first supermarket in the country, 63 floors of the former “Yangcheng No. 1”, the first foreign fast food in Guangzhou, and the first Starbucks in Guangzhou.The economy “strengthens cross -border integration, promotes formats to improve, and achieves new vitality of old cities.
Haizhu District
Guangzhou Pagoda-Posa Food Collection Zone: World-class cultural tourism landmark and Lingnan cultural experience place
Four to the range: east to the Pearl Brewery Museum, the west to the Haixin Bridge, the south to the Guangzhou Science Museum, the north to the Pearl River
The Guangzhou Tower-Poya Food Gathering Area is a area composed of Guangzhou Pagoda Scenic Area and the Pearl River Paji Beer Culture Creative Art District. It is located in the world-class landmark of the “Guangzhou Tower-Pazhou” world-class landmark in Guangzhou.
Guangzhou Tower Scenic Area was rated as a national AAAA -level tourist attraction in 2013. In 2022, it was selected as a list of the second batch of national night culture and tourism consumption agglomerations.The structure of the Pearl River Pota has a variety of structures, showing a rich local characteristics of Guangdong.Quality business scenarios and activities, launch normal, quality, specialized night cultural tourism consumer experience products, and create a new Lingnan cultural experience place and world -class tourism destination integrating cultural experience, tourism, and fashion consumption.
Jiangnan Cultural and Business Travel Integration Circle: Fashion Base with Fireworks on Earth
Fourth to the range: east to Jiangnan East Road, west to Taikoo Warehouse Pier, and a 500 -meter -free business carrier along the line
Jiangnan West Road Commercial Street and Jiangnan Avenue are the commercial centers in the west of Haizhu and the Lingnan characteristic business district. There are more than 6,000 shops along the line.The music is light, attracting the consumption of young fashion people; Baoye Road is a gourmet landmark in Guangzhou. It has the supper “stalls” with the characteristics of Guangzhou.”Supper Street; Taikoo Warehouse is a well -known trademark in Guangzhou, a national 3A -level tourist attraction. It is based on special music meal bar, large -scale quality catering, brand Livehouse, and trendy entertainment performance.
Liwan District
Daxuan (up and down nine -Yongqingfang) business district: Xiguan non -heritage cultural folk customs district
Four to the range: east to Renmin Road, Ensing Road in the west, south to 623 Road, north to Changshou Road
The cultural attributes of the business district are prominent in the local cultural attributes. The upper and lower nine -step street street is the most complete and largest ride building in Guangzhou.Qingfang is located on Ensing Road, which is known as “Guangzhou’s Most Beautiful Riding Street”. It is the first non -heritage cultural district in Guangzhou and a national 4A -level tourist attraction. The annual passenger flow exceeds 10 million.The 200+ brand’s modern commercial complex Guangzhou Liwan Lingzhan Plaza, with an average daily passenger flow of more than 120,000.The long-term business culture, the unique Lingnan architectural culture, the rich western folk culture, the unique Cantonese-style food culture, tradition and modern collision, together form the unique business style of the Daxuan (up and down nine-Yongqingfang) business districtEssence
Tianhe District
Tianhe Road Commercial District: International -level diversified cultural and business travelers’ fusion place
Fourth to the scope: east to Gangtu, overwhelm of Tianhe in the west, Huangpu Avenue in the south, north to Tianhebei Road
The commercial area of Tianhe Road Commercial District reaches 2.4 million square meters. It is known as the “South China First Commercial District”. It has high heat transmission of punch -in.3 underground commercial complexs including product complex, Tianhe another city, and two cultural and sports activities such as Tianhe Sports Center, including night purchase, night food, night tour, night entertainment, night health, night reading, etc., Successfully selected as the first batch of “Guangdong Provincial Special Demonstration Pedestrian Street (Business Circle)” and “National Demonstration Smart Business Circle”.
Hunde District: New landmarks in night entertainment in Lingnan Culture
Four to the range: east to Haiwen Road, Huaxia Road in the west, the Pearl River in the south, and the north to Huacheng Avenue
There are commercial complexes such as Guangzhou K11, Huachenghui, Tiande Plaza, Guojin Tiandi, and Tianhui Plaza in the Hunde District.The old restaurant is everything.The area is based on the “Hunting Family”, extending the “Hunting” cultural tourism space, and launched activities and activities and activities and activities of “Night Entertainment, Night Reading, Night Show, Night Shopping, Night Banquets, Night Markets, Night Studies”The “Night Economy” project that gathers local cultural characteristics actively creates a new one -stop eating, drinking and fun nightlife experience new scene of “24 hours without ending”, and launching normal, quality, specialized night cultural tourism consumer experience products.
Baiyun District
Baiyun New Town Colorful Music Business District: International carnival that promotes businessmen is not night city
Four to the range: east to Yuncheng East Road, west to airport road-Yunxiao Road, south to Guangyuan Road, north to Qixin Road
Baiyun New Town’s colorful music business district has a well -developed transportation and complete industry, with a total commercial construction area of 488,600 square meters. It is the first to improve the convenience of entry payment in Guangzhou.In 2023, the business district’s annual turnover was nearly 260 million yuan, and the overall passenger traffic reached more than 50.19 million.
Combined with the development positioning of “Fashion Customized Experience Nuclear, Performing Arts Industry Innucting Nuclear Nuclear Nuclear Nuclear, Theme Performance Gathering Nuclear Nuclear Nuclear Nuclear Nuclear Nuclear Nuclear”, Baiyun New City’s colorful music business district launched nearly 50 night markets, concerts and other related activities in 2023. It is gradually growing intoThe main platform of Guangzhou International Performing Arts Center.
Huangpu District
Baoneng Performing Arts Center-Zhitai Plaza Business Culture Travel Fusion Business District: Commercial and Entertainment Exhibition Exhibition Integrate Consumption Highlands
Four to the range: east to Xiangxue 5th Road, west to Xiangxue Second Road, south to Xinyang East Road, north to Xiangxue Avenue
The functional positioning of the area is the cultivation of the vitality consumption circle. It has the third in the country and the first large -scale comprehensive venue in South China to build a collective breeding and performing arts activity in South China.It can accommodate 18,000 people. The area is more equipped with commercial complexes to Thai Plaza, as well as Citizen Park.huge.
Huadu District
Guangzhou Sunac Culture Travel City: One -stop experience city of eating, living, living, and entertainment
Four to the range: east to Huanghuai Road, west to Shuguang North Road, south to Huadu Avenue, north to Luoxian Road
Guangzhou Sunac Culture Travel City, with the “Greater Bay Area core, Huadu CBD mid -axis, guarding Guangzhou Donghuan Intercity Huacheng Street Station”, creating a benchmark for air -rail transportation cultural tourism, integrating food, housing, travel, travel, and entertainmentIn the area, we gather multi -formats such as night shopping, night food and beverage, night entertainment performances, night sports, ice and snow, hotels, etc., to provide full -group consumers with a one -stop happy experience.
Panyu District
Chimelong Wanbo Business District: Cultural and Business and Travel, the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area
Four to scope: east to Wanbo Business District, West to Xinguang Expressway, the city of Olympic City in the south, to the Wanbo Center in the north
As one of the five world -class business districts planned by the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” plan in Guangzhou, the Changlong Wanbo Business District completed the expansion of the area in 2022, connecting the Changlong Hanxi, Wanbo, and Liren Cave together, forming a new one, forming a new oneChimelong Wanbo Business District.Among them, the Changlong Tourism Resort was awarded the second batch of national night culture and tourism consumption agglomerations, and Wanbo Business District was awarded the title of provincial -level demonstration characteristic business district in 2022.Limited time walking streets, the area has a strong foundation for night consumption. Nowadays, we are trying to build a model area and a world -class landmark business district for the integration and development of the Cultural, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay Area.
Pray for the colorful world business district: colorful night, life new rhyme experience community
Fourth to the area: east to the center of the city bridge, the west to the doctor mountain forest park, south to Dongxin Expressway, north to Guang Road
Praying for the colorful world business district, a new village with 200,000 residential population, relying on the “night business travel economy” based on praying for the colorful world, praying hotels, and praying food streets.Among them, there are more than 400 merchants in the first phase of Prayer, and Prayer Food Street has gathered more than 140 catering brands with various local characteristics.The second phase of the Blessing World has created the first city of Guangzhou’s forest canal -praying for the Xingkong Sky Canal, which perfectly blends the Venice Waterfront style with the theme commercial street, becoming a popular tourist punch point in Guangzhou.
Nansha District
Ageon Gate Core Commercial District: Hong Kong and Macau’s characteristic shoreline night economic bonds
Fourth to the range: east to seaside road, west to Phoenix Avenue, south to Huangge South Road, north to Dongyu 1st Street
The core business district of Jiamen Hanoi Bay is one of the important business districts in Nansha participating in the cultivation of international consumer center cities.The area is based on the Jiamen River coast, and has built the three commercial complexes of the Xinghe Cocopark, Chuangxiang Bay, China Railway Construction · Nansha Huanyu City.In the area, there are rich consumer formats in the area. There are more than 310 merchants with night purchase, night food, night entertainment, night health services. In 2023, nearly 100 night economic theme activities are held.There are themes. “
Conghua District
Haiyu Business District: a new engine of multiple compound night economy
Four to the range: east to Hedhe Southeast Road, west to Conghua Avenue, south to 105 National Highway, north to Provincial Highway 355
The Haiyu Commercial District Gathering Conghua’s first store, night merchants, and night entertainment brands are composed of shopping malls+block -type rewards, food, tourism, shopping, and playing.Constructing the scene of leisure life, focusing on creating a business district atmosphere of Conghua, openness, compatibility, vitality, and avant -garde, give full play to the extremely hot “night economy” advantage, strengthen the characteristics of leisure pedestrian streets, continuously upgrade the consumer brand of business districts, rich business combinations, and give Conghua to ConghuaThe people bring fashion, trendy, and most life -saving business experience to meet citizens’ material and spiritual pursuit.
Zengcheng District
Zengcheng Plaza Ecological Leisure Business District: Ecological Leisure Business District
Fourth to the range: east to Lixiang Road, west to Jinzhu South Road, south to Jinzhu West Road, north to Guancui Road
Zengcheng Plaza ecological leisure business district is centered on the 600 -acre municipal cultural square. It has a large area of ecological gardens and fitness areas. The overall green land rate is 55%, and the cultural atmosphere is strong.The public cultural space is a good place for the cultural experience of surrounding citizens and leisure and entertainment.
The existing commercial stock in the business district is about 580,000 square meters, the annual passenger flow exceeds 47 million, and the annual turnover is about 1.27 billion yuan.The business district actively develops an innovative format. It has the first air basketball court in Zengcheng. The innovative 1 wine and 7 bar characteristic pedestrian street is currently the most popular consumer and leisure street in Zengcheng.
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