G2000 2024 autumn and winter new product launch conference, artist net red gathered at the scene to experience the fashion charm of the workplace

G2000 2024 autumn and winter new product launch conference, artist net red gathered at the scene to experience the fashion charm of the workplace

On April 19, the commute light business clothing brand G2000 2024 autumn and winter new product launch conference landed on “AW2024 Shenzhen Fashion Week”.The theme of this new product conference is Reborn Refresh ReinterPret, which not only brings a refreshing fashion show, but also shows the new trend of the workplace wear, injecting new definitions into fashion commute clothing, and exploring new charm of the workplace.

The new generation of commuting is no longer limited to the restraint of the suits and leather shoes. While paying attention to the professional image, they pay more attention to comfort and matching, and have different images according to different occasions.The show field is based on the concept of “redefining”, and the brand name is inspired by the foundation of the inspiration to break all complications and make a different approach.In the form of artistic expression, the brand’s unique grasp of the simplified way of complexity, and the insistence on the concept of simple and modern design, redefine more possibilities for fashion commuting.

This big show combines the performance of the stage scene drama to move the real commuters to the show.Along with environmentalized music, models wearing the G2000 autumn and winter series freely shuttle on diverse space scenes such as commute, daily office, and off -work leisure, showing the G2000’s fashion commute aesthetics of the G2000 into the urban population.The style and taste are naturally revealed in the daily life of capable business and elegance, and also vividly interpreted the inherent pursuit of freedom comfort and not being restrained.

At this press conference, Mr. Cai Hui, CEO of G2000 Group, and G2000 invited guest artists Chen Yan, Zhu Minhan, supermodel Yang Siying, fashionista brothers, and media representatives, etc., Explore the new charm of the workplace.

Mr. Cai Hui, CEO of G2000 Group, said that “redefining” is not a simple slogan, but after re -examining the relationship between people and wardrobe, the boundaries of the workplace and life, the balance of functional demands and wearing experience, etc.Modern new needs, to find new possibilities, iterative new products, and to show the whole process of showing new appearances.

In addition to the diversified design of jackets, suits, shirts, and pants in the G2000 men’s and women’s series, it also uses functional fabrics, which has the characteristics of waterproof, anti -wrinkle, fast drying, elasticity and other characteristics., Realize product design, creative tailoring, functional fabrics, color matching, diversified wear, comfort and other levels.Bring more fashion options and possibilities, meet the needs of diversified wear of people in the workplace, and redefine the style of fashion and commuting.

New Working Force New Definition

Interpret a new way of life

The new definition of the wardrobe commuting surpasses the traditional concept of choosing clothes. It represents a new lifestyle based on personal style and practicality, so not only pays attention to exquisite and simple clothing choices, to show personal taste and fashion for fashion.The sensitivity also emphasizes multifunctional and matching, which can easily convert the style between different occasions.

At the same time, the new definition of the wardrobe commute also encourages to try new ways and styles.The product manifests as the dullness of black and white and gray in the past, and has more colors to light up the wardrobe, such as gem green, emerald green, iron rust color, glacier blue, champagne gold, and more comfortable and young fashion.Pants are not only comfortable and textured, but also relaxed and more stylish. Women’s skirt length also increases the choice of different lengths. It is easy to choose to create different styles.

GLAM Street urban fashion

Demonstrate personal fashion style

Commodity fashion is a style that combines classics and elegance. It shows a sophisticated charm and shows personal keen perception of fashion.Therefore, commuting fashion not only reflects leisure formal clothes, but also pays attention to slimming and tailoring, showing the careful creation of high -quality and detailed design, and the use of special accessories add highlights to the entire shape.

Add the texture of the velvet fabric, simple and sharp design, penetrate the street style without losing fashion, focusing on personalized matching, leisure materials, such as denim, core velvet, knitted fabrics, etc. This style has always been loved by Internet celebrity trends.It is also a kind of casual commute fashion.

Old Money Fashion Low -key luxury

Remarks personal unique charm

The low -key luxury of commuting is a new definition of combining luxury and practicality.Pay attention to the balance and elegance of the wearing style, such as a tailored suit jacket or a pair of high -quality slim pants, and a delicate silk shirt or a soft wool sweater to show the details in the detailsluxurious.

Therefore, to commute low -key luxury is not only an external style, but also an inner attitude of life, which represents the pursuit of quality, details and comfort, and integrate this pursuit into the daily daily commuting.Methods show personal unique charm.