"Food Operation License Examination General" is revised and issued

  ”Food Business License Examination Principles” revised and introduced

  Reinforcement of school cafeteria enhanced classification license management (policy interpretation)

  The State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration has recently amended and introduced the “General Principles of the Food Operation License Examination” (hereinafter referred to as the “Pass”), which will be implemented from the date of release.What are the points of the revision and what social concerns have been responded?A few days ago, the reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of the Food Management Department of the General Administration of Market Supervision.

  Strictly strictly school, child care institutions and other centralized dining units canteen permit review requirements

  Campus food safety relations are happy and have received widespread attention.”From the perspective of the feedback of law enforcement at the grassroots level, the operating entity of the contracting campus cafeteria needs to be strengthened. The revised” Tongze “clearly stipulates this situation.” The relevant person in charge of the Food Management Department of the General Administration of Market Supervision.

  The revised “General Acts” strictly in key areas permit.In particular emphasizing strict schools such as schools and childcare institutions, such as cafeteria permit review requirements for concentrated dining units, and provisions from the aspects of applying for permits, labeling business forms, level corresponding principles, and establishing a contract management system.It is more strictly strictly strictly strictly strictly strictly strictly strictly in the aspects of licenses, risk prevention and control capabilities, cross -provincial operations, personnel, and systems.

  ”General Ru” strengthen the management of classification permits for schools and childcare institutions cafeteria, refine the marking content, and clarify that schools and childcare institutions can be marked with school self -operated cafeteria, school contractual cafeteria (including the name of the contracting enterprise), and the childcare institution self -operated cafeteria, Tobuk -care institutional contracted cafeteria (including the name of the contracting enterprise).

  ”Tongzhi” clearly clearly concentrated dining unit canteens should be equipped with full -time food safety managers. For the centralized dining unit cafeteria contract operation, in addition to compliance with centralized dining units applied for the cafeteria license to review common requirements, it should also establish food management license including contractual business enterprises, The food safety liability agreement signed with the contractor, the evaluation and exit system (mechanism) of the contracting business enterprise, and the food safety obligations and responsibilities of the contracted business enterprise.

  For colleges and universities applying for a concentrated dining unit canteen permit, the “General Riz” clearly states that the provincial market supervision and management departments are based on the corresponding relationship between the education management level and the main format of food operations, business projects, food safety risks, etc., combined with food safety risk management.Determine food management permits and review authorities of central universities, provincial universities, and other universities in the administrative region.

  For the change of the business form of the school and the childcare institutional canteen, if the self -operating operation is changed to the contract management, and the changes in the contractual business enterprise, the food management license shall be applied in accordance with the regulations.On -site verification should be performed.

  ”Tongzhi” clearly clearly obtains food management permits in the canteen where the concentrated dining unit canteen is located.If the cafeteria of a concentrated dining unit across provincial contracting operations shall report to the residence or residence of the located or business license in the concentrated dining unit or the provincial market supervision and management department where the main operating venue is located, and be responsible for the authenticity of the submitted materials.

  In addition, “Tongzhi” also strengthened the credit management of contracted business enterprises, and it is clear that companies that have been included in the list of serious violations of laws and trusts shall not contract concentrated dining units in the cafeteria.

  Simple production and sale such as “shooting cucumber” and “brewing tea” can be appropriately simplified to the content of the review

  Last year, the General Administration of Market Supervision announced the newly revised “Measures for the Management of Food Management and Filing” to make a “simplified license” regulations on simple food and sale behaviors such as “shooting cucumber”.

  The revised “Tongzhi” responded to social concerns, based on the newly revised “Measures for the Management of Food Management and Filing”, expanded in the aspects of simplifying food business permits, and targeting simple systems such as “cucumber” and “brewing tea” and other simple systems such as “cucumber” and “tea”.If food safety risks are relatively low, foods can be clearly simplified to simplify the content of facilities and equipment, specialized areas and other review content under the premise of ensuring food safety, and marked simply production and sale in the copy of the food business license.Specific circumstances, fully release the dividend of reform, and create a business environment for the business.

  ”Tongzhi” further clarifies that food operators engaged in thawing, simple heating, rushing, combination, dish, washing, washing and cutting, which is not a separate license -based business project. It is necessary to obtain corresponding operations.Simple production and sale in the copy of the food business license.

  ”There is no trivial matter for food safety. After in -depth research, we simplify the situation of simplifying the review. At the same time, we need to strengthen the implementation of the main responsibility of food operators.The relevant person in charge of the Food Management Division said.

  The implementation of the main responsibility of the “Critical”, integrates the relevant personnel system, “three defense” facilities, and temperature control in the current laws and regulations, departmental regulations and national standards of food safety, and make it consistent with the current laws and regulations and standards., Further compact the responsibility of the enterprise.

  Clarify food safety management responsibilities of food safety management of food operation chain enterprises in the central kitchen, distribution center, store, etc.

  In recent years, there have been new formats, new technologies, and new models of food operations. The “Food Operation License Examination Rules (Trial)”, which was implemented in 2015, has not fully adapted to the current development of the food business industry.

  ”In order to adapt to the new situation of food operation safety, solve the new problems in the field of food operation, and promote the review of food business license more scientific, reasonable, and standardized, and revise the” Pass “in a timely manner, set the scientific set of permitted entry thresholds, strictly standardize the license review reviewConditions, strengthen risk hierarchical prevention and control, implement the main responsibility of food operators, and promote the high -quality development of the industry with high levels of security.

  ”General Rules” adds new format license review requirements.In response to the emerging formats of food management chain enterprise headquarters and use of food automatic equipment to engage in food operations, focusing on the requirements for permit review requirements from the aspects of organizational institutions, personnel, systems, etc., and clarify that catering service management companies haveThe food operation chain enterprise headquarters has the responsibility of food safety management in the central kitchen, distribution center, store, etc., and promotes the healthy development of emerging industries on the premise of ensuring food safety.

  Specifically, “Tongze” clarifies the food safety management department and organization of the food safety management chain enterprise headquarters. Based on its business model, it is equipped with food safety professional and technical personnel and full -time food safety managers.Tools and equipment and facilities such as insulation, refrigeration conditions have the requirements of central kitchen, distribution center, store location, equipment layout and process process requirements, establish a food safety traceability system, and have central kitchen management and distribution centers that are compatible with chain management operation models.Management, store inspections, internal control and other system license review requirements.