Focusing on the high growth of healthy snacks, in the next three years, we will "reconcile a Jinzai"

Focusing on the high growth of healthy snacks, in the next three years, we will "reconcile a Jinzai"
Changsha Evening News, Changsha, April 20 (All media reporter Cao Kaiyang) “The company will continue to focus on healthy snack tracks and start a new round of” three years to build a Jinzai ‘development goal “.The company’s Jinzi Food Holds 2023 Annual Shareholders’ General Assembly. Chairman Zhou Jinsong said that the company will take the mission of “making delicious and healthy leisure foods, improving people’s life quality”, and continue to force leisure fish products, poultry products, soy products, etc.High -quality protein health category, strengthen brand and channel construction, and continuously improve the efficiency of supply chain.
The annual report shows that the “three -year increase” phase goal after the listing of Jinzai Food was completed in 2023.The company achieved revenue of 2.065 billion yuan throughout the year, an increase of 41.26%year -on -year; net profit attributable to the mother was 210 million yuan, an increase of 68.17%year -on -year.In the first quarter of this year, the performance continued to grow high, and it is expected that net profit will increase by 80%-100%year-on-year.
In 2022, the global health snack market has exceeded 90 billion U.S. dollars. The compound growth rate in the next ten years leads other tracks of leisure foods, which has high growth potential.Jinzi Food Positioning “delicious and healthy snacks” has been made of healthy snack management systems from raw materials, research and development, and production around the years: selecting deep -sea wild catfish, anti -quail eggs, non -genetically modified centersHealthy ingredients such as soybeans, low -fat high -protein duck breasts; focusing on high -quality protein and three reduction of “sugar reduction, salt reduction, oil reduction” snack health research; pharmaceutical -grade clean workshop, industry advanced intellectual manufacturing technology, to the greatest extent, retain the greatest extentProduct nutrition and safety.Zhou Jinsong has repeatedly mentioned the company’s mission that has just renewed “making delicious and healthy casual foods to improve people’s quality of life”. This is the continuation of “quality for consumers” and a determination to develop the healthy development trend of snacks.
Investors who came to the scene showed a strong interest in the goal of “three years of increase” in the future of Jinzai Food. This performance goal means that the volume of three years of Jinzai food will be doubled, and the compound annual growth rate of the performance in the next three years will reach 26%.This is obviously not easy for the casual food industry to be so “inner rolls” at the moment.
In terms of product structure, fish products and poultry products are still maximum.According to the 2023 report, the company’s main categories have achieved rapid growth. Among them, leisure fish products, poultry products, soy products, and vegetable products have completed sales revenue of 1.291 billion yuan, 452 million yuan, 217 million yuan, and 72 million yuan.25.87%, 147.56%, 18.68%, 88.24%.Fish products with more than 60 % have remained rapid growth, laying the foundation of future performance increment.The growth rate of poultry products in the second largest category is far ahead and will also be one of the main increase in future performance.The first full year launched by the quail eggs of explosive products in poultry products achieved annual sales exceeding 300 million yuan, becoming a “billion -billion -level” potential item.Jinzi Deep Sea Xiaoyu has sold the first category for 7 consecutive years.