Digital intelligence provides new kinetic energy for financial literacy education

Digital intelligence provides new kinetic energy for financial literacy education

On April 21, the “Standard Leading the Ministry of Education’s Yunzhong University Project Promotion Conference and the Second Yunzhong University Conference” was held in Zhuhai.With the theme of “Artificial Intelligence and Future Education”, this meeting brings together more than 300 experts and scholars, representatives of enterprise, and leaders of university in the education sector. Participating representatives combined with the national education digital strategy spiritual direction, andThe challenges and opportunities brought about by the scene of the scene to conduct multiple discussions on the challenges and opportunities.

Chen Duan, director of the Digital Economy Innovation and Development Center of the Central University of Finance and Economics, combined with the practical experience of the design of the children’s financial and business education project he participated in, and shared the theme of the “Research on the Research on the Innovation Path of the Innovation of Children’s Finance and Business Teaching Model”.

According to Chen Duan, there are concept descriptions from different angles such as Final Quotient and FINACIALACY in English.EssenceFrom the perspective of how to take care of personal wealth, financial quotient involves the cognition and grasp of the value of wealth, the law of value, the law of exchange, and the law of value -added.The balance of value is the choice and optimal configuration between the combination of different resource portfolios and the target value, and the bottom -up things are the world outlook, outlook on life, and values formed by a person for a long time.

Chen Duan pointed out that a person’s financial and quotient not only determines his own wealth accumulation ability and family well -being, but also has a spillover effect in the society.superior.The new productivity currently discussed is based on the change of the quality of workers, labor data, labor objects and its optimized combinations to basic connotations. Facing the deep change of the productivity driven by artificial intelligence, the future wealth expression and value creation of our societyDeep changes will occur with the transaction interaction model. Digital literacy, AI literacy, and financial literacy will be the same part of the modern national education system as the moral, intellectual, physical beauty and labor that emphasized in our education system in the past.

The “Analysis Report on Consumer Financial Anti -Consumption Survey” released by the Bank of China in 2021 shows that the financial capacity of Chinese teenagers is generally weak, and the phenomenon of Internet celebrities, gold chasing stars, and overdraft consumption frequently appear.There is also a lack of awareness of prevention.The concept of wealth and consumption habits formed in teenagers will have a profound impact on the integration of mate selection and circles in the future. However, in the formal education system of my country’s school, there is no special financial and business education course. Many parents do not realize that financial and business education is right. The importance of children’s future life, and even lacks corresponding knowledge reserves.With the rise of online education, a number of financial and business education enterprises have emerged, but some institutions have copied problems such as Western financial and business education courses, lack of separation of products, lack of credibility in the brand, insufficient fit at the scene, and inadequate evaluation system.

“Financial and business education involves more than just a single individual’s wealth and micro -decision. It needs to be placed in a comprehensive vision of a large socio -economic and financial system and market game, team cooperation, etc.” Chen Duan is sharing sharingZhong pointed out that children’s financial and business education is not simply taught children to manage their money. To make children understand that wealth stems from effective social division of labor, they need to make more interactive scenarios to allow children to understand the true value of value and each of the real value behind the appearance of the currency appearance.The value conversion mechanism behind species transactions, understanding the combination of money, savings, and investment is essentially its own valuable value and the value of others, the current value and future value.Support of external social systems.

“Good financial and business education courses should be nested with financial business, IQ, and emotional intelligence education. If you want to obtain the value from others or the future value -based value, it is necessary to fully reveal, present and double through cooperation to double its own value.The understanding of the needs of others, the influence of team members, the clear cognition of self -goals and path planning are all in the process of financial and business education.The project designed role scenes such as small bankers and small CEOs. While highlighting the child’s subjectivity, it integrates more social factors, allowing children to see a larger world through the small window of financial quotient.

Chen Duan believes that digital technology provides rich teaching aids and means for children’s financial and business education, which can create a higher degree of simulation social scenario. In immersive and flip -type role -playing, children with more dimensions and growth are given more dimensions of mental exercises and growth.EssenceThe process of the financial business development of young children is synchronized with their mental maturity process. This is different from adult financial business education. Each child’s innate personality genes and risk preferences are different.A financial business evaluation and personalized teaching feedback evaluation, providing children with more accurate financial business improvement plans.

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