Did you choose the right type of exercise?

Did you choose the right type of exercise?

[Eat and Dynamic Balancing No. 2]

Hello everyone, I am Xiaobian Hua Jingtian, and I am one of the daily dynamic balance.The nutritional diet mode and regular exercise habits are combined into one, which is a powerful motivation to promote physical health.Today we summarize the different types of exercise together, maybe it will help when you make a sports plan.

Daily exercise is important, but do you know which exercises are more suitable for you?

The purpose of people’s exercise is very different. Athletes are trained to compete, and most of the general leisure athletes are to obtain good health and maintain weight.In order to maintain and reduce weight through exercise, the amount of exercise required for health is large.Most people need 4h medium -intensity exercise per week, such as fast walking (4 kilometers per hour) or cycling (12 kilometers per hour).

In order to maintain good health, you need to have Flexibility, Muscle Streangth, muscle endurance, and Cardiorespiratory Endurance, etc., which can meet the daily needs of daily life.Body activity plan.

The essence of physical activity is muscle contraction and work, with different exercise intensity, and stable exercise time to maintain stability. At the same time, the energy of muscle activity comes from anaerobic metabolism, aerobic metabolism or aerobic and oxygen hybrid metabolism.Therefore, we divide different types of motion of energy metabolism: aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise: It refers to the participation of large muscle groups such as trunk and limbs. It has a rhythm, a long time, and can maintain a stable state, which can be maintained in a stable state., Riding.Also known as “endurance movement”

Aerobetric exercise: refers to the form of exercise with anaerobic metabolism as the main functional path, generally a powerful contraction activity of muscle, so it cannot maintain a stable state.Such as 100 meters of sprints, almost all of them are illegal metabolism.It is also the main form of the training of heavy objects, push -ups, and resistance muscle strength.

Depending on the physiological functions and exercise methods, it can also be divided into
  1. Flexible activity (stretching activity)

  2. Strong muscle activity

  3. Balanced activity

  4. Bone exercise

  5. High -intensity intermittent training

What kind of exercise method should be selected first to understand your physical condition and the goal you want to achieve. Is it to improve joint flexibility?Or enhances muscle endurance?Is it improving the ability to balance?Or increase bone density?In addition, you need to perform exercise tests first,Including testing and clinical exercise tests including healthy body energy indicators (this is very important for cardiovascular patients)EssenceCan you refer to reading: Who do you master?(Note ①); The health assessment before exercise cannot be ignored (Note ②)

No matter what kind of movement you adopt, you can harvest the benefits of the movement, for everyone,As long as you exercise, you will not move.And high -intensity, high frequency and long -term sports will bring more benefits.The elderly should not do exercise blindly, they can exercise appropriately under the premise of physical condition.If it is a patient with chronic diseases, you need to follow the doctor’s order.

  • Note ①: Recommended reading: Exercise, who is in the hands of?

  • Note ②: Recommended reading: The health assessment before exercise cannot be ignored

During a limited exercise time, we need to turn exercise into effective exercise.In the body, nutrition and sports activities are complementary.Choose cardiopulmonary endurance exercise everyday?Or anti -resistance training?You need to make a plan for your own dynamic balance.For friends of sub -health, chronic diseases, and rehabilitation periods, they need to learn more.